Kaley Cuoco reveals ‘terrifying’ encounter with Big Bang Theory fan on…

‘Kaley Cuoco reveals ‘terrifying’ encounter with Big Bang Theory fan on plane’

On The Big Bang Theory, there was a running joke in which Sheldon Cooper (Jim Parsons) would knock and say “Penny” three times before entering Penny’s apartment. And as Cuoco recently revealed, she was once approached by a fan in the same way on a flight.

“I was in my seat,” Cuoco recalled when talking to USA Today. “I was really engrossed in this movie and out of nowhere – and I know the flight attendant thought this was very funny and in hindsight, maybe she now regrets it – she came up, and she went ‘Penny, Penny,’ and she started knocking at me.”

“And it was, like, terrifying,” she continued. “And I could tell [from] her face, she goes, ‘I’m so sorry.’ I’m like, ‘That’s OK, [but] why are you knocking?’ It wasn’t registering. And she was so sorry, and I said it was very OK.”


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