Joy Behar: He doesn’t Deserve You Taylor Swift! It’s a Waste Of Time Getting ‘Stuck with an Idiot’. Joy Behar Blasts Travis Kelce after resurfaced tweets.

Joy Behar: He doesn't Deserve You Taylor Swift! It's a Waste Of Time Getting 'Stuck with an Idiot'. Joy Behar Blasts Travis Kelce after resurfaced tweets.


In a moment that caught many by surprise, Kelce, in his trademark playful demeanor, jokingly implored Papa Swift to consider switching his loyalties from the Eagles to the Chiefs for the sake of harmony between Taylor Swift’s fan base and the Chiefs’ supporters. Reports indicate that Kelce, in good spirits, playfully stated, “Imagine the unity we could bring if Papa Swift donned the Chiefs’ red and gold!”

Taylor Swift's Reportedly Drops Another 'Secret' Message to Travis Kelce with End Game during Argentina concert - and the Proof is in the Bracelets

While the comment was made in jest, it has sparked a light-hearted plea from the Chiefs’ organization, expressing their admiration for both Taylor Swift and Scott Swift’s support for the Eagles, while extending a tongue-in-cheek invitation for Papa Swift to join the Chiefs’ fold.


Taylor Swift Subtly Paid Tribute to Travis Kelce on Social Media by Incorporating his favorite Word into her post

The Chiefs’ unconventional request has sparked a wave of playful speculation among NFL enthusiasts and fans of Taylor Swift alike, igniting discussions about the curious intersection of music, sports, and fandom.