Jennifer Lopez goes to party without Ben Affleck after dating app rumors, did they break up?

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After rumors of Ben Affleck’s flirtation on a dating app, alarm bells have been raised after Jennifer Lopez arrived without her partner to a meeting with her friends, which has sparked speculation about a possible breakup. The Puerto Rican singer was spotted going out to dinner without her fiancé after a reality TV celebrity revealed that the actor allegedly flirted with her through a dating app before the couple resumed their romance.



Although many believed that this fact would go unnoticed inside the couple, since it was something that happened before the two resumed their relationship, this departure of JLo without the actor could reveal that there are problems between them. Several media showed images of the “Bronx Diva” in a car accompanied by several women, presumably her friends, as they arrived at Craig’s in West Hollywood on Saturday, wearing a short red dress that showed off her toned legs, as well as black boots and a Chanel bag worth more than $15,000.

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck


Girls night out or Affleck’s breakup? Despite the fact that since confirming their return, Ben and Jennifer are inseparable, the singer would seem to quell rumors of an alleged separation by showing off her outfit on Instagram and captioning it simply as “Girls Night Out.”
Emma Hernan, real estate business expert of the popular show Selling Sunset, revealed in this Netflix show that she had coincided with Ben Affleck in Raya.



However, People notes that Affleck’s rep flatly denied that claim. “Raya has confirmed that Ben Affleck has not been an active member of the app for the past few years,” the actor’s rep expressed. How did JLo react to the allegations against her fiancé?


Jennifer Lopez natural look

After this information about Affleck was released, the Boricua posted on her Instagram account a video where she is seen relaxing, enjoying a green popsicle, sending kisses with a big smile, showing herself in peace, which would suggest that the rumors about her fiancé’s messages would not have affected her.


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