Jason Kelce loses it after Taylor Swift gets special treatment over his wife Kylie… check out Travis’ reaction!


Jason Kelce isn’t happy. The Philadelphia Eagles star went on a hilarious rant on Wednesday during his and Travis’ ‘New Heights’ podcast… and it had something to do with Taylor Swift and his wife Kylie Kelce.


At one point during the ‘pod’, Jason was reading out messages from fans that they’d received via their program’s official Instagram account.

The particular message that Jason took issue with was one sent by Cedar Point theme park– an amusement park located on Lake Erie peninsula in Sandusky, Ohio.

Hi Jason and Travis. We heard your latest episode, and it sounds like you two need to make a trip to come and see us soon. Feel free to bring a plus one Travis. If you’d be interested in being one of the first to ride the Top Thrill 2 in 2024,” read the message.

Jason’s delivery and reaction was hilarious as he read out the DM. As he got to the part about Travis bringing a plus one, he paused before blurting out: “guess Kylie’s not invited you fucking dick heads”.

Travis couldn’t contain his laughter and continued to giggle as his brother read out the remainder of the message. Despite the joke, it seems that Jason was a bit ground off about the fact his wife wasn’t even considered.