Jason Kelce hilariously shoots down fan asking if he was on STEROIDS – by showing them his terrible 5k time in a charity run!

Jason Kelce


Jason Kelce hilariously shot down a fan asking if he was on steroids on social media by showing his abysmal time in a recent 5-kilometer charity run.


Jason Kelce


Kelce participated in a 5k in Sea Isle City, New Jersey, revealing he crossed the finish line of the 3.1-mile course in around 45 minutes, or just under a 15-minute mile pace.

The former Philadelphia Eagles center revealed his time on the latest episode of his ‘New Heights’ podcast, which his hosts with younger brother and Kansas City Chiefs star Travis Kelce.

The younger Kelce, taking time off from hanging out with girlfriend Taylor Swift, made fun of his brother for what is not an impressive time for a former professional athlete.

Others on social media lambasted the person asking the question and used evidence of Jason’s shirtless photo from a Buffalo luxury box, with his offensive-lineman physique as all the proof anyone needs to see the future ESPN analyst has never used performance-enhancing drugs.

‘I ran/walked a 5k,’ Jason admitted when Travis mentioned him running, before the former Eagles center began to explain the day: ‘We were down there, we have a house down there now, it’s awesome when you take the girls to the beach and let them run.

So I tried running it… I had my Monarchs, not the best running shoes. They’re great lawn-mowing shoes, not a 5k shoe. We started off running, and I should’ve known… first of all we were late, so it had already started,’ Kelce added.

Jason Kelce and steroid use entered the same realm also during this week’s ‘New Heights’ episode.


Jason Kelce

Secretariat was a topic of conversation on the podcast after last Saturday’s Kentucky Derby.

Some horse racing fans were upset with Kelce delegitimizing who most consider the greatest thoroughbred of all-time.

Kelce had no problem defending his take online, but later apologized, not trying to offend anyone.