Jason Kelce ‘could be very dangerous in WWE’, says The Miz – who offers to train the retired Eagles man into a wrestling ‘superstar’ – and says he has tried to recruit Travis as well!

Jason Kelce 'could be very dangerous in WWE', says The Miz - who offers to train the retired Eagles man into a wrestling 'superstar' - and says he has tried to recruit Travis as well!


Jason Kelce has been told to consider a move to WWE now that his NFL playing days with the Philadelphia Eagles are over.



Kelce, 36, announced his retirement from football at the beginning of March in an emotional 40-minute press conference where he wept throughout, and even brought younger brother Travis to tears.

It brought weeks of speculation about his future to an end. In that time, Jason followed Travis and the Kansas City Chiefs on their way through the playoffs to Super Bowl glory – even infamously jumping out of his VIP suite and downing a beer with fans in Buffalo when his brother scored a touchdown against the Bills.

It was that moment that caught the eye of WWE star The Miz, who thinks it shows how Kelce could have a career in wrestling if he wants it.

Speaking to TMZ, he said: ‘He could be very dangerous in a WWE ring – not only with just the athleticism and the part of the wrestling, which I think he can absolutely do.

I watched him jump up at a Bills game from, like, down and jump up into a window, and I was like, “Oh my God, this guy is 300 pounds, how did he do that? That’s incredible.”‘

WrestleMania is in Philadelphia on April 6 and 7, and Miz was asked if he thinks Kelce will appear at the event in the city he calls home.

‘I don’t know, the way I look at it is more of a fan of the Kelces,’ he said. ‘I’ve played golf with Travis, what an incredible human being.

‘Even when we were golfing I was like “when are you coming to WWE? When are you coming to WrestleMania?”.

‘With Jason, I’ve never met him, that guy has played for Philadelphia – it seems like a home run to me.

‘Who knows? He has retired, he might just want to relax and chill out. Or – he’d like to come to Philadelphia.’

Miz was asked if would train Kelce into a wrestler.

‘Hell yeah! Into a superstar! As big as he is in the NFL, we’ll make him as big of a superstar in the WWE!’

‘The charisma, the ability to talk on a microphone and be captivating and innovative is something I think he has a knack for. Whatever Jason Kelce wants to do, whether it is come to WWE for WrestleMania, wink, or do something in the NFL, whatever he wants to do, I think the world is his oyster.’

Last year, Travis said that he wanted to go into WrestleMania after seeing George Kittle of San Francisco 49ers star in WrestleMania 39 at SoFi Stadium.

‘It was awesome to see him go nuts, but I got to get involved somehow, someway,’ Travis said.

‘Me and the Miz have been talking a little bit about it so hopefully, we can brew something into fruition here.

‘George absolutely killed it at WrestleMania. He made me want to be a part of that. Hopefully we can get that tag team in store here sometime soon.’