Jason Kelce blamed by wife Kylie for ’embarrassing’ her after viral St Patrick’s Day moment… as she jokes she had ‘no business’ Irish dancing on a balcony in front of hundreds of fans

Jason Kelce blamed by wife Kylie for 'embarrassing' her after viral St Patrick's Day moment... as she jokes she had 'no business' Irish dancing on a balcony in front of hundreds of fans


Kylie Kelce has opened up on her viral Irish jig in front of hundreds of fans on St Patrick’s Day, blaming husband Jason and his friend for ’embarrassing’ her.



Kylie, the longtime wife of recently-retired Philadelphia Eagles legend Jason, was seen Irish dancing on a balcony at a bar in Media, Pennsylvania, on Sunday as the couple celebrated St Patrick’s Day with some friends.

Footage of the former NFL WAG performing a jig alongside an Irish dancing school quickly went viral on social media, all while Jason enjoyed pints of Guinness among fans at the bar.

And a few days on from her dance, Kylie has joked that she had ‘no business’ being there.

‘Some of you know what this is,’ she said on TikTok. ‘It’s the third edition of places Kylie has no business being and that would be Irish dancing.

Specifically Irish dancing on a balcony, in a bar and in front of people, next to actual Irish dancers. Nope.

‘I haven’t Irish danced since probably seventh grade, and that is with the exception of occasionally when impaired in college. I had no business, none.

Kylie then revealed that her and Jason were at the bar to watch a young girl called Maggie, who danced next to her in the video, perform with her McHugh School of Irish Dance partners.

However, it was never in her plan to get involved in the jig herself – until Jason and his friend ‘volunteered’ her.

As she watched back the clip, Kylie said: ‘You see this look here, that’s the “oh you think you’re funny” look. And I’m directing that at the two men that volunteered me for this activity.

‘Jason, enjoying a Guinness, and our dear friend Chuck. Sleep with one eye open.’

She then concluded the video: ‘Thank you to everyone for being so supportive while I embarrass myself.’

Kylie and Jason were at The Towne House in the town of Media – about half an hour from their beloved Philadelphia.

‘Sláinte and thanks to legendary Eagle Jason Kelce and family for joining us for a few scoops of the black stuff on this day where we all celebrating the wearing of the green,’ a bar spokesperson said.

‘Jason was so generous and hospitable with his time for all the adoring fans in attendance. His wife is a helluva Irish dancer by the way!’