Jaguars are going to face off Chiefs- Travis Kelce Nearly Gives Patrick Mahomes a Heart Attack With His last minute ‘Latest

Jaguars are going to face off Chiefs- Travis Kelce Nearly Gives Patrick Mahomes a Heart Attack With His last minute 'Latest


The presence of Travis Kelce ensures that the Kansas City Chiefs are never lacking excitement. Unfortunately, earlier this month, the team’s star tight end suffered a hyperextended knee during practice, which was later diagnosed as a bone bruise. Despite his efforts to warm up for Thursday’s game, Kelce had to sit out the Chiefs’ Week 1 match against the Detroit Lions, which they narrowly lost 21-20, despite Patrick Mahomes‘ stellar performance. Like always, there is a catch here too!


However, there is hope on the horizon, as recent updates suggest that Kelce, along with Chris Jones may be ready to join the Chiefs in their upcoming game against the Jacksonville Jaguars. But, there is a concern which happened lately. During the latest practice session, Kelce’s injury-pain caused some concern and anxiety for both Patrick Mahomes and the team.

Did Travis Kelce suffer pain again?

NFL reporter Ari Meirov recently provided an update on Travis Kelce’s injury, causing a stir in the football world. In a tweeted video, Kelce appeared to be in pain while holding his knee during a Chiefs’ practice session. The footage initially showed Kelce warming up effortlessly and then suddenly clutching his knee in discomfort, momentarily causing a collective heart palpitation among Patrick Mahomes and the team.

However, to everyone’s relief, Kelce quickly revealed it was all a playful prank by breaking into some unexpected twerking on the ground. Meirov humorously commented in his tweet, saying, “Travis Kelce returned to practice, clutching his knee … Never mind, he’s fine 😂.” Fortunately, there is no real cause for concern, as Kelce’s fake injury scare turned into a trending twerking moment.

Interestingly, this incident bears a resemblance to a past occurrence involving Patrick Mahomes when a player from his KC Current team performed a similar trend at the request of Pat’s wife, Brittany Mahomes.

Who is Travis Kelce’s twerking partner?

A year ago, a twerking-style celebration took the internet by storm, and it turns out that Brittany Mahomes and her husband, Patrick Mahomes, who co-own the Kansas City Current, a women’s soccer team, were behind it. During an appearance on Kay Adams’ “Up & Adams Show” in July, the team’s midfielder, Lo’eau LaBonta, revealed an interesting tidbit.

She shared that it was Brittany who encouraged her to perform a twerking celebration after scoring a goal in a game last year. In a memorable moment, LaBonta kicked a late-game penalty goal, initially appearing to be in pain and clutching her right hamstring, only to surprise everyone by breaking into a twerk on the field.

Now, this trend seems to have extended beyond soccer, as Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce has also joined in. It appears that Patrick Mahomes has a group of talented twerkers on his teams, both in football and women’s soccer.


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