“Its Parity”: Patrick Mahomes Reacts to Joe Burrow & Josh Allen Loss -1 over 1 clash

“Its Parity”: Patrick Mahomes Reacts to Joe Burrow & Josh Allen Loss -1 over 1 clash


Patrick Mahomes witnessed an embarrassing start to his season after the Chiefs lost to the Lions. However, he was not the only star quarterback to endure a difficult start to the season. Buffalo Bills’ Josh Allen and Cincinnati Bengals’ Joe Burrow also had similar experiences during the opening week of the 2023/24 NFL season as it turned out to be a disastrous week for the top-rated quarterbacks.


The Buffalo Bills suffered a 22-16 defeat against the Jets, while the Cincinnati Bengals had a humiliating 24-3 defeat against the Cleveland Browns. Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes reacted to his rival quarterbacks facing the same music as him during his recent press conference. He reminded reporters that the NFL has parity all across the 32 franchises.

Patrick Mahomes Not Keen on Looking Into Other Teams’ Results
The defending Super Bowl champions led by Patrick Mahomes were eked out 21-20 by the Lions. The Chiefs had a few injury concerns to contend with as well including Travis Kelce who missed out due to a knee problem. Their defeat came as an early upset in the NFL, but the opening game of the season also seemed to set the theme for the first weekend.

Weeks after signing a record-breaking extension, Joe Burrow suffered a hammering at the hands of the Browns. He failed to lead the Bengals’ offense, with the Browns completing an easy victory. The narrative of star quarterbacks failing continued into the final game of the opening weekend as well, with Josh Allen failing against an Aaron Rodgers-less Jets side, to suffer a 16-22 defeat.

Mahomes claimed that he doesn’t want to look into it too much. The 27-year-old took a cautious approach claiming that the NFL is incredibly competitive and all teams are at par with one another. He also reckoned that he doesn’t lose sleep over what other teams are doing, and focuses only on winning his own games.

“I mean, not really. You never know what’s going to happen in this league. People lose every week, it’s parity that’s what this NFL is about. Everybody can beat everybody and you have to come here with the mentality that you’re going to play your best football… I don’t worry about what other teams around the league, you never know who’s going to change at the end of the year. We just try to go out there be the best team and stack as many wins as possible,” Mahomes quipped.

Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs Look Forward to the Return of Travis Kelce Against Jaguars
There’s no doubt that the Chiefs were hampered by the absence of notable stars like Travis Kelce and Chris Jones in their season opener against the Lions. They are two very important players in their setup, and Patrick Mahomes would be eager to have them back.

According to the Chiefs’ official team report, both Travis Kelce and Chris Jones had limited participation in practice on the 13th of September. This comes in as positive news for the Chiefs, who are looking to turn things around against the Jacksonville Jaguars in their upcoming game.


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