Is Meghan Markle this Smart? What a Mind Blowing Speech! This Video Said it all.

Meghan Markle


Meghan Markle’s wardrobe for her three-day visit to Nigeria has appeared to be filled with sentimental choices – and she continued that theme with today’s outfit.


The couple, visiting Nigeria together for the first time, applauded and gasped as they were greeted with a dance performance. They will today reportedly visit a school which is being supported by their Archewell Foundation.

They will then attend a cultural reception and later a polo fundraiser in aid of Nigeria Unconquered.

The visit is primarily to promote the Invictus Games and comes after Harry met the Nigerian team and General Musa at last year’s competition in Dusseldorf, Germany.

They arrived in Abuja on Friday for the 72-hour whistlestop tour of the country after flying in together following a secret reunion in London.

During their two-day stay in the capital city, Meghan thanked Nigerians for welcoming her to ‘my country’ as she hopes she can ‘do justice’ to being a ‘role model’.

The Duchess of Sussex arrived almost an hour late to the women in leadership summit in a spaghetti strapped red dress without her husband Prince Harry.

She told the audience: ‘I want to start by saying thank you very much for just how gracious you’ve all been in welcoming my husband and I to this country… my country.’

She also added: ‘I am just flattered and honored and inspired. It has been a whirlwind 24 hours since we arrived, and I very quickly got the memo that I need to wear more colour, so I can fit in with all of you and your incredible fashion.’

Meghan Markle

When asked how she felt after discovering she was 43% Nigerian through a genealogy test, Meghan said the first thing she did was ‘call my mum, because I wanted to know if she had any awareness of it.’

Meghan went on: ‘Being African-American, part of it is really not knowing so much about your lineage or background, where you come from specifically.

‘And it was exciting for both of us to discover more and understand what that really means. Never in a million years would I have understood it as much as I do now.

It’s been really eye-opening and humbling to be able to know more about my heritage and to be able to know this is just the beginning of that discovery.’

Defining Nigerian women as ‘brave, resilient, courageous, powerful, beautiful’, Meghan said: ‘It is the most flattering thing to be in that company, to be in your company.’

She also added: ‘I often find that whatever travels I’ve done, regardless if it’s Nigeria or another country around the world, oftentimes when women reach the peak of success, they leave.

‘But you need to come back home. You need to at least be a familiar face for the next generation to say: “Oh, she looks like me – and I can be that.”

‘And I think that is a really key piece in all of it… It’s defined by, and you still always want to come back home, because that’s how you’re going to help shift any sort of generational pattern that might be stifling, especially for young girls who need to see someone who looks like them in that same position.’

After being told by a moderator that she had ‘come home’, Meghan replied: ‘I hope that I could do justice to the role model that I think so many young women deserve to have.

‘Obviously in the face of all of you here, I know that they, they see that. But being able to be a small part of that means a lot.’