Irina Shayk and Tom Brady’s Relationship Hits The mud” Tom Brady Takes a u turn

Irina Shayk and Tom Brady's Relationship


Tom Brady split from wife Gisele Bündchen in October 2022 after 16 years together, and has since been dating another supermodel, Irina Shayk.


Irina Shayk and Tom Brady's Relationship

It’s still too early to tell if the romance will go the distance, but here’s everything we know about their relationship so far.

August 21, 2023: Irina thinks Tom is her ideal man.
Shayk is happy to travel to make her relationship with Brady work, a source tells People. “[She’s] impressed with Tom,” the insider says. “He is her dream guy. She loves dating him. They work around their schedules and meet up wherever they can. Irina doesn’t mind traveling to see him. She is very excited about their relationship.”

August 13 and 14, 2023: They’re spotted together in London.
Brady and Shayk are photographed leaving the same five-star hotel, the Twenty Two, separately in London, just minutes apart. A source tells the Daily Mail the couple are “holed up” there together.

July 2023: Sources say they’re fully dating.
A source tells Entertainment Tonight that “the two have been talking for about a month and have enjoyed their time together, but it’s not too serious.”

Meanwhile, a separate insider tells the Daily Mail that Brady sees Shayk as a potential serious partner. “Tom is really ecstatic that this is happening, he feels that they totally get each other, and he really finds her extremely interesting, entrepreneurial, and has a clever sense of humor that really appeals to everything he is all about,” the source says. “She is not just a fling; he really wants to make this work. He always told himself after his divorce that he would only get involved with someone that a future could be made, someone he could eventually introduce to his kids. He really thinks very highly of her and where this relationship could go. He has zero worry with her, they seem to get each other and get along quite well.”

June 2023: The two hit it off at a wedding in Italy.
Irina Shayk and Tom Brady hit it off at a mutual friend’s wedding on the Italian island of Sardinia. “There is a spark,” one source tells People, adding that the athlete then invited the model to “fly out and meet up in Los Angeles,” resulting in paparazzi photos of the two being intimate with each other in a car over the weekend. “They spent the night Friday and Saturday at a house” where Brady is staying, the source adds.

Tom Brady calls it quite after Irina Shayk fake pregnancy news



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