If It’s Not Philadelphia Eagles, I Ain’t Wearing It- Kylie Kelce

Super Bowl LVIII viewers may have been surprised when cameras found Jason and Kylie Kelce in their suite at Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas. Jason, the Philadelphia Eagles center who isn’t sure whether he will play in the NFL next season, was decked out in Kansas City Chiefs-inspired gear. On the other hand, Kylie was wearing a red sweatshirt…but with the Cincinnati Bearcats’ “C” in the upper right, in support of the university Jason and Travis Kelce attended.

As Jason confirmed on the newest episode of the “New Heights” podcast this week, this was a very intentional decision from Kylie — the superstitious football fan who will only rock the gear of one NFL team.

If it isn’t Eagles-themed, Kylie won’t wear it

On the newest episode of “New Heights”, Jason Kelce revealed that his wife will outright refuse to wear any gameday attire that is not directly related to the Eagles — an inspiring show of loyalty that makes it clear how deep her love for Philadelphia runs.

“I try to tell her ‘Listen, Kylie, we have family in the game. It’s okay to cheer on that team. They’re not playing the Eagles,'” Jason said. “She just refuses to do it.”

This is in stark contrast to Jason’s attire throughout the NFL playoffs. Once the Eagles were eliminated on Super Wild Card Weekend, the 36-year-old went all-in on repping Travis’ Chiefs — that is, when he opted to wear a top. For the AFC Championship Game against the Baltimore Ravens, the elder Kelce wore a Chiefs beanie with a red-and-yellow Hawaiian overshirt, and the support was even more overt at Super Bowl LVIII — where Jason wore red-and-yellow checkered overalls with the Chiefs’ arrowhead logo plastered in the middle.

Travis is flattered

Travis Kelce responded to Jason’s revelation with his typical humor and understanding. The 34-year-old knows full well that loyalty means everything — his appreciation of girlfriend Taylor Swift’s commitment to be in Las Vegas for the Super Bowl, even while on tour, was made clear in viral comments after the Chiefs won.

“I respect it, Ky,” Travis said on “New Heights.” “I appreciate you even wearing red.”

Whether Kylie Kelce’s stance changes once Jason retires from the NFL remains to be seen. But right now, there is only one team for her — and that team wears midnight green.