“I Hope He Doesn’t Do..”: Patrick Mahomes Could Not Contain His True Bitter Feelings About

“I Hope He Doesn’t Do..”: Patrick Mahomes Could Not Contain His True Bitter Feelings About


It has been a busy week for the Kansas City Chiefs quarterback, Patrick Mahomes. With the launch of his 8-episode docu-series, the NFL community stood united to shower love on the highly anticipated show. Standing No 1 in the country for the better part of the week, it was only appropriate to have a personal interview with the star cast. The 2x MVP was joined by his co-stars of the series, answering questions from both on and off the court.


Feb 3, 2020; Miami, Florida, USA; Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes speaks with media during the winning coach and Super Bowl MVP Press Conference at Hilton Miami. Mandatory Credit: Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

In the interview, Mahomes, along with Kirk Cousins and Marcus Mariota, revealed their personal choices about the most underrated quarterback in the league. While Cousins delved into his answer and its reasoning, Mahomes was quick to take a playful jab at the team in question, being no other than Tom Brady’s.

Does Patrick Mahomes want Brady’s team to fail?

Upon being asked about their favorite underrated quarterback, both Mahomes and Mariota chose Cousins as their answer. However, the Vikings quarterback had a different answer in mind, it being no other than Jimmy Garoppolo. He currently plays for the Raiders, the same team where Brady bought a minority stake a few months back, pending approval.

Cousins shared his insights on why he chose the Raiders’ QB, passionately sharing how Garoppolo has led his former team to double-digit wins in every season, and yet met with an unfortunate transfer. Now that Garoppolo is with the Raiders, Cousins expressed how he might repeat history once more this season, which prompted Mahomes’ playful response. The 2x MVP immediately added, “I hope he doesn’t do it again with the Raiders,” which left both Cousins and Mariota bursting into laughter. Cousins can be heard agreeing with Mahomes’ statement in the clip as well.

The playful jab from Mahomes is not without reason, as the Raiders are one of the Chiefs’ biggest divisional opponents. Now, with a legend like Garoppolo on the team, the story in the upcoming season could change for Mahomes.

Do the Raiders have any chance this season against defending champs?
This draft season came with some interesting changes in the Raiders’ roster. Additionally, there are serious concerns about Garoppolo’s injury, which led to his physical being rejected a while back. RB, Josh Jacobs, also got served with a franchise tag, which wasn’t what the athlete initially coveted. There’s still potential for the team as they look forward to the upcoming season. Additionally, cornerback Marcus Peters is reported to be visiting the team soon, which could lead to another valuable recruitment.


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