” I couldn’t sleep” Mom Travis Kelce said son made greatest mistake as Kayla Nicole Breaks in pieces


Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce pretended to be injured during practice as he teased fans ahead of his return.


During the team’s practice at their facilities, Kelce was seen returning to the field and as he walked down the sideline, he appeared to be limping while indicating his hyperextended knee injury was still causing him discomfort. However, Kelce soon stood up straight, placed his hands on his knees and danced.

The gesture was an unofficial tribute to Lo’eau LaBonta’s goal-scoring celebration in the NWSL, who plays for the Kansas City Current. Kelce is expected to make his seasonal debut on Sunday when the Chiefs play against the Jacksonville Jaguars and will return at the same time defensive tackle Chris Jones returns after settling a contractual dispute with the franchise which kept him sidelined from competition.

“Not fun dealing with an injury, especially that late in the week because then you, for 72 hours straight, are just worried about one single thing,” Kelce said to the Kansas City Star. “Everybody’s asking you about it. Everybody’s in your ear about it. Everybody’s just trying to figure out the best scenario.

“It’s not like the organisation was banking on me being back, but everybody in the organisation is asking me how I am doing so that we can go out there with the right game plan, the right mentality. And, yeah, it is just not fun, just not a lot of sleep. And a lot of focus on a knee that wasn’t getting better fast enough.”

The comments under the video were filled with Taylor Swift references after the pair was rumoured to be dating after being spotted together after her show in New York City. “Glad he was able to shake it off,” wrote a Twitter user about the dance. “Recovered rather swiftly,” replied another user who joined in on the fun of Swift puns.

“Taylor Swift [is] gonna love this one,” wrote another user, followed by another poster asking, “Did Taylor teach him that?” On the “New Heights” podcast, co-hosted by the Kelce brothers, Travis revealed his plan to get Swift’s attention, although his initial plan failed.

“If you’re up on Taylor Swift concerts, there are friendship bracelets. And I received a bunch being there, but I wanted to give Taylor Swift one with my number on it. She doesn’t meet anybody – or she did not want to meet me, so I took it personally.”

Kelce was ruled out of the Chiefs season opener against the Detroit Lions on Thursday Night Football due to the knee injury. He and Swift allegedly hung out before the regular season began. The Kansas City team lost 21-20. Despite Patrick Mahomes completed 21 of 39 passes for 226 yards and two touchdowns, the absence of Kelce as his favorite target on the field was evident.

Taylor swift really Pregnant?

According to an unknown source,it is said that she indicated pregnancy a week after she hangout with Travis Kelce But we are yet to get the full guess..


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