“I Am Not Married”: $255 Million Jalen Hurts Finally Breaks Silence on Bryonna ‘Bry’ Burrows Romance

“I Am Not Married”: $255 Million Jalen Hurts Finally Breaks Silence on Bryonna ‘Bry’ Burrows Romance


Jalen Hurts has emerged as an elite quarterback in the NFL in recent years. The Philadelphia Eagles QB took his team to a Super Bowl just a couple of months ago. Moreover, he bagged one of the biggest contracts in the NFL, courtesy of an NBA legend. Since he has ascended the stairs of superstardom, many fans have a question in mind. Is Hurts active in the dating world or is he taken already? The $255 million QB finally opened up about the Bryona Burrows romance.


“I Am Not Married”: $255 Million Jalen Hurts Finally Breaks Silence on Bryonna ‘Bry’ Burrows Romance

Hurts has got a massive contract extension with the Eagles and his future is secure in the NFL. Now is the time to look for things that are beyond him merely being a football player. And romance is one such thing that the fans will love to look at.

The Jalen Hurts romance

Jalen Hurts sat down for a detailed interview for the first time since his Super Bowl loss to Kansas City Chiefs in February. And the QB answered the question that has come to the mind of every female fan of his, is he available to date?

“I’m not married or anything like that, but I’m spoken for,” Hurts told Essence.com during the interview.

Hurts spoke fondly of his relationship with Bryona ‘Bry’ Burrows, his college sweetheart since his days in Alabama. The couple started dating when Hurts was still a Crimson Tide QB. And for him, the relationship is an irreplaceable feeling that has brought him to where he is.

“I knew a long time ago, I mean to this point in my life, that’s an irreplaceable feeling. I think that’s what has allowed us to get to where we are now,” Hurts added.

Burrows works as an IT professional and is far away from the glitz and glamor of the NFL. And seeing the way Hurts talks about her, it looks like the couple is in a very secure position regarding their relationship.

The mega contract

Jalen Hurts is not only in a secure position in his personal life but has also secured a mega contract that has made him the highest-paid athlete in the NFL. The Eagles have given their QB a massive five-year deal worth $255 million.

The new contract takes his yearly income as high as $51 million. Out of the total amount, almost $180 million is in the form of guaranteed money. The Eagles are going all in to keep their QB, who took them to the Super Bowl while dominating the league, satisfied. They are already building a team for the future.

With a massive contract and the love of his life, Hurts is truly a very lucky person. Can he repeat the heroics that shot him to stardom again when the 2023 season starts in a few months? Do share your opinion in the comments.


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