Hot, Hot, Hot! Check Out Halle Berry’s Sexiest Fashion Moments of All Time,Check…..


Halle Berry’s fierce style has only gotten sexier since she first burst onto the scene in the 1992 rom-com Boomerang. The mom of two regularly puts her fab figure on display in nearly naked gowns and curve-hugging minis that often land her atop best dressed lists.



In addition to being a style star, the actress is all kinds of workout #goals with her regular #FitnessFriday and #PHITtalks posts on Instagram that chronicle her epic workout routine (think: gravity defying yoga poses in exotic locations, boxing Boomerangs and selfies with her trainer). Oh, and then there is the topic of her otherworldly glow.


While Berry obviously takes excellent care of herself, she has spoken openly about her desire to age on her own terms despite the pressures Hollywood places on women to look a certain way. “I just have kept reminding myself that beauty really is as beauty does, and it is not so much about my physical self. Aging is natural, and that’s going to happen to all of us,” she once told Yahoo Beauty. “I just want to always look like myself, even if that’s an older version of myself.”


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