Harry and Meghan hoping for ‘favourable publicity’ by brining Archie and Lili to Jubilee-check


Meghan and Harry could gain favourable publicity by attending Platinum Jubilee celebrations as it would be the first time The Queen would be meeting Archie and Lilibet says journalist Camilla Tominey.Ms Tominey discussed the up and coming Platinum Jubilee, which is just weeks away.



The British journalist discussed the possibility of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex attending the Jubilee ceremony at Buckingham Palace.



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The “Fab Four” will reunite at the Platinum Jubilee.

Ms Tominey explained that Harry and Meghan would benefit from keeping up their Royal titles if they came in attendance, as well as it being helpful for them to stay in contact with the Queen.



Ms Tominey told the Telegraph: “Well what to Harry and Meghan derive from not coming? “Not much because they have to keep up their Royal ties because it’s obviously helpful for them to be in contact with The Queen.



“And for the public to know that not just in the UK but also in America, we don’t know for instance what role Netflix had in filming them making that visit to Windsor Castle some weeks ago.”If they didn’t come however it would really represent that kind of total separation of powers.”And they don’t really want that, neither side does because The Queen has always insisted that they remain much-loved members of the family.”Regardless of what may have been said and done on Oprah or elsewhere.”


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Prince Harry and Meghan warned against ‘overshadowing’ Queen at Jubilee

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle must not “overshadow our 96-year-old monarch” during her Platinum Jubilee celebrations, a royal reporter has warned.



Camilla Tominey, associate editor at The Daily Telegraph, claimed members of the royal family risk failing to “ingratiate themselves” with the domestic and global public if they “overshadow” the Queen.



Ms Tominey said the Jubilee celebrations would be “the most momentous and historic weekend” of the monarch’s reign and all the royals will be treating her as the “main priority”.


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Ms Tominey said: “I think the main priority for all of the members of the Royal family, as it always has been, is going to be the Queen. “Making sure that she is not overshadowed.



“Because actually, regardless of who’s in camp Sussex or Cambridge or no camp at all, nobody is going to ingratiate themselves with the public, both in the UK or overseas, if they overshadow our 96-year-old monarch on the most momentous and historic weekend of her reign.”


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