“Hard enough to worry about” Patrick Mahomes opens up about Chiefs


Patrick Mahomes is special. Everyone knows it, everyone accepts it. He has been special since entering the league as a rookie. After two Super Bowl titles, two MVPs, hosting five consecutive AFC Championship games, it’s safe to Mahomes has already cemented himself as a future Hall of Famer.


"Hard  enough to worry about" Patrick Mahomes opens up about Chiefs

The question now is, is he on track to become the GOAT? He is 27 years old. He has been to three Super Bowls, winning two. Tom Brady, when he was 27, had also been to three Super Bowls, winning all of them. He eventually finished with seven. Mahomes opened up about chasing Brady and his GOAT status in an interview with Chris Simms.

“It’s hard not to think about it, I think about seven Super Bowls, and being in 10 of them,” Mahomes told Simms. “I mean, it seems surreal, because I mean it, I know how hard it is now to even get to that game. But like you said, you take it one at a time, but at the end, that’s I mean, that’s the ultimate goal. I know it’s a long ways away and some take a lot of just season in day in weekend, whatever it is of being the best I possibly can be. And then if you talk to me like 15 years, and we’ll see where we’re at and see if I can get close enough to that.”

Mahomes has a long way to go to till then but he is on the right trajectory. Everything is in place for him to get as close to Brady as possible. He has the best TE in to football in Travis Kelce to throw the ball to. Andy Reid is arguably the best coach in football. If all goes well, Mahomes might just be able to catch, and surpass Brady.

Will Mahomes attempt the behind-the-back pass in a game? Kelce doesn’t think so

Patrick Mahomes and Travis Kelce have been tearing the NFL apart since Mahomes became a starter. This explosive tandem has helped the Kansas City Chiefs reach five consecutive AFC Championship games. These two are as creative as they are explosive. Mahomes in particular can make any pass imaginable from any angle.

On his podcast New Heights, Kelce was asked about Mahomes’ behind-the-back pass in practice by his co-host and brother Jason Kelce. Travis explained why he thinks Mahomes won’t do it in an actual game. “Every time he does it, I scream at him to do it in the game,” Travis said. “I don’t think it’ll ever happen, the situation that has like it has to be a perfect like instinctual decision like, yeah, there’s only one way I can get this off, and it’s like behind the back. I mean, there’s no way he’s like pre-meditating before the snap like, all right, this is it, I’m gonna throw this backward pass right here, you know. There’s just no way; it just doesn’t make any sense.”

Mahomes and Kelce will look to continue their dominance this season as well and will hope to defend their Super Bowl title. The Chiefs open their campaign against the Detroit Lions on September 7 at the Arrowhead Stadium. Imagine the scenes if Mahomes pulls this pass off in the Super Bowl!


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