Patrick Mahomes Amuses Fans Joining Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, Tom Cruise in Miami GP Celeb Galore

“Guy Dresses Like a Toddler”: Patrick Mahomes Amuses Fans Joining Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, Tom Cruise in Miami GP Celeb Galore


The F1 Miami Grand Prix was a star-studded affair this year, drawing in global personalities from all corners of the world to witness high-speed action on the track. The event is in its second year and quickly garnered itself as a premier event in American racing in South Florida. While the celebrities flocked together at the Prix, & entertained their fans, the event also experienced the thrill of racing firsthand.


“Guy Dresses Like a Toddler”: Patrick Mahomes Amuses Fans Joining Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, Tom Cruise in Miami GP Celeb Galore

It was Dutch-Belgian motorsport racing driver and two-time F1 world champion, Max Verstappen who stole the show. Verstappen won from a ninth place on the grid, extending his advantage over Sergio Pérez in the world championship to 14 points. Although Verstappen impressed spectators with his driving skills, there were a few icons too who reportedly amused fans with their presence, dressing style, and attitude of complementing each other.

From Mahomes to Musk, boxing to tennis champs, all marked their presence o



NFL stars Patrick Mahomes, Dallas Cowboys WR CeeDee Lamb, and QB Dak Prescott appeared in the event. The trio met each other with a heartwarming handshake and complemented one another. Kansas City Chiefs QB Mahomes, who had quite a week attending Met Gala and Kentucky Derby, arrived in Miami with his wife, Brittany Mahomes. When asked by a reporter about his presence in three different episodes, he replied, “I’m everywhere.” Adding to the awe, Patrick traded his ‘Mahomes’ jersey with the two stars of the F1 championship, Max Verstappen and Sergio Pérez. In return, he got a replica of Red Bull’s racing jersey.

The event also attracted a range of global personalities from all corners of the world. Attendees included Twitter CEO Elon Musk, renowned American actors Tom Cruise and Vin Diesel, and worldwide famous singer Shakira. Even some of the biggest names in business made an appearance, with the Executive Chairman of Amazon Jeff Bezos in attendance. Sports stars like former boxer Mike Tyson, Internet personality Jake Paul, former basketball star Michael Jordan, and tennis legends Roger Federer and the Williams sisters were among those in attendance. With such a diverse range of celebrities and personalities, the event brought together people from all walks of life and sparked social media frenzies.

F1 Miami united fans too, with mixed reactions to their favorites
After the F1 guests’ videos and photos circulated on social media, fans couldn’t control their emotions and left themself pouring on the posts. About Patrick Mahomes, one said about his attire, “This guy dresses like a toddler.”

Another one wrote about his stature.

When Mahomes meet the Cowboys, users commented on the trio.

Users also shared their thoughts on the photograph of tennis stars, Federer & Williams sisters, who were spotted together.

The F1 Grand Prix was indeed a package full of entertainment, world-class drivers, stunning track design, and star-studded attendees for fans. And with Verstappen’s impressive victory and NFL players roaming together, fans can’t wait to see what’s in store for their upcoming sports events.


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