EXCLUSIVE: Will the Kansas City Chiefs lose tonight’s playoff game against the Miami Dolphins or lose the Super Bowl once more?

Breaking News: At the chilly Chiefs-Dolphins game, Taylor Swift bundles up in an '87 puffer coat to support Travis Kelce...


Taylor Swift has been warned that she will be blamed by the Kansas City Chiefs if they fail to beat the Miami Dolphins in the playoffs tonight – or fail to win the Super Bowl again.


EXCLUSIVE: Will the Kansas City Chiefs lose tonight's playoff game against the Miami Dolphins or lose the Super Bowl once more?

The Chiefs, last year’s Super Bowl winners, host the Dolphins at Arrowhead Stadium in the Wild Card round of the playoffs in freezing cold temperatures in Kansas City.

But this season, the Chiefs have had an extra dimension to the story of their campaign with tight end and star man Travis Kelce dating Swift, who has been to 10 Chiefs games and counting this season.

The team has a 50% winning record with Swift watching on from the stands and Brett Favre, the legendary quarterback and three-time Super Bowl winner, fears she will take the blame from Chiefs Kingdom if the team lose.

Speaking to TMZ, Favre said: ‘I think it’ll be a distraction if they don’t make it to the Super Bowl. It’s one of those things.

‘It’s not for me to say, but if they don’t win it, or get to the Super Bowl, people are going to say, “That’s why.”‘

Swift is expected to attend yet another Chiefs game on Saturday night as Kelce and Co look to move a step closer to another Super Bowl appearance, despite Travis’ mom Donna remaining coy on whether she will be a guest in her box at Arrowhead.

The hosts have a huge advantage heading into their showdown with Miami given the predicted temperature of -5 degrees, with the South-Florida Dolphins never previously playing in anything below 10.

Their Hawaiian-born quarterback Tua Tagovailoa, who played his college ball in sunny Alabama, has also never witness a temperature below 20 degrees.

Kansas City stars, meanwhile, are much more accustomed to the cold conditions, and despite admitting an exit could spell bad news for Kelce and Swift, Favre is still backing them to go all the way this year.

‘Until Andy Reid is unseated as a champion, I have to see it to believe it,’ he continued.

‘That’s the downside of being really good year in and year out, the least little chink in the armor and people write you off, and I think if anything it will light a fire.

‘You know, they’ve had a lot of turnover, a lot of new faces. Patrick Mahomes is obviously the same, Andy Reid is obviously the same, they still have some really good players in place. And a win is a win, [if it’s] ugly it doesn’t matter. It’s a win.