Exclusive: Jason Kelce gave reasons for saying, “I couldn’t stop crying when I saw Mom.”

Exclusive: Jason Kelce gave reasons for saying,


The Kelce brothers are still in tears after Super Bowl 2023, where Travis Kelce’s Chiefs beat out older brother Jason Kelce’s Eagles, 38-35, for the Lombardi trophy.


Exclusive: Jason Kelce gave reasons for saying, "I couldn't stop crying when I saw Mom."

All the hype around the Super Bowl can be overwhelming with the various storylines, historical moments, halftime show and more. After the game, it can noticeably more quiet, but for the Kelce brothers, their emotions are still raw.

On the latest episode of their New Heights podcast this week, Jason and Travis tearfully spoke of how the Super Bowl was more than just a game for them, especially alongside mom Donna Kelce, who shared an emotional moment with each of them after the game.

“The moment I saw mom is when I got really emotional, because man, it was so awesome…” Jason said before starting to choke up. The two stayed quiet between heavy breaths, blinks and tears for 12 seconds before continuing.

“All right now,” Travis chuckled while wiping tears off his face.

“Yeah. Oh man, f–k” Jason responded.

“It was awesome for, you know, she was on top of the world for a week,” Jason continued.

“She was the heavyweight champ, man,” Travis added.

Super Bowl 2023 was often called the Kelce Bowl leading up to Sunday. Even though the brothers didn’t necessarily like the name, much of the media attention went to them, as well as Donna and the boys’ father Ed.

“She was on top of it and she shined the whole time, man. That was the coolest part,” Travis said. “Mom, you absolutely killed it. Dad, you’ve been killin’ it.”

The brothers agreed how special it was for Donna to celebrate with both of her boys at the biggest football game of the year.

Even though the brothers have always been competitive with one another growing up and only one could come away with a ring on Sunday, the pair seemed to be in great spirits as this is an experience they may never get again.

“Ironically, you lose the Super Bowl and you’re crying after the game, and they’re not tears of sadness, they’re tears of joy,” Jason Kelce said.