Exclusive: G Flip reacts exclusively to Taylor Swift’s praise of their live rendition of “Cruel Summer” with violins and drums.

Exclusive: G Flip reacts exclusively to Taylor Swift's praise of their live rendition of


G Flip is grinning like a devil after Taylor Swift gave her stamp of approval to the Australian musician’s live cover of Swift’s No. 1 hit “Cruel Summer.”


Exclusive: G Flip reacts exclusively to Taylor Swift's praise of their live rendition of "Cruel Summer" with violins and drums.

After Swift, noticed the “Cruel Summer” cover — which features G Flip pounding on the drums while accompanied by violins and other string instruments — on Instagram, the 12-time Grammy winner double-tapped on the video to give it a like.

“I honestly still can’t believe that she liked it,” the 30-year-old artist, born Georgia Claire Flipo in Melbourne, tells PEOPLE from Australia. “I never thought she would see it, let alone like it. … Taylor is so generous with helping up and coming artists, so I’m really honored, grateful and honestly in disbelief that she offered that to me.”

The non-binary singer, who uses they/them pronouns, covered the 2019 Lover track for radio station Triple J’s “Like a Version” YouTube series.

G Flip proclaims that “Cruel Summer” is “one of the best pop songs ever written” and describes their cover as a “masc-lesbian version.”

G Flip changed the pronouns in the lyrics because “I am very gay and I wouldn’t be singing about bad boys.“ In Swift’s original, she sings, “Bad, bad boy, shiny toy with a price, you know that I bought it.” G Flip instead sings, “Bad, bad girl shiny pearl with a price, you know that I bought it.”

Near the 2-minute mark during the sing-along bridge, G Flip picks up drumsticks and spins one of them in their right hand before pounding on the drum kit as the string section assists bringing the cover to its crescendo.

“All of my music is built around the drums so it was fun to approach this cover with that mentality,” G Flip says. ”I also put together the string arrangement in the cover. … The bridge rhythmically is almost like a bongo/conga part. It satisfies my brain so much and f— it’s fun to sing.”

At the end of the bridge, G Flip belts, “She looks up, grinning like a devil,” instead of the original lyrics of “he looks up, grinning like a devil.”

As of Friday, “Cruel Summer” is holding strong at No. 2 on the Hot 100.

G Flip points out that “Cruel Summer” having this moment four years after its release proves how special Swift’s song is. Elaborating on why they think it’s “one of the greatest pop songs of all time,” G Flip zeroed in on Swift’s rhythmic melodies that scratched the itch in their drummer brain.

“I feel like her songwriting switches between longer held elegant emotional melodies, to rhythmic bouncy melodies, to straight up undeniably catchy ear worms — and she flips through all these vocal styles in just the one song,” G Flip says. ”Then add being an amazing lyricist to the mix and there’s no wonder she is the most successful artist in the world. Not every songwriter can do this. It’s a superpower.”