Eagles Jason Kelce apologies to wife Kylie after doing this without her approval ‘we hope the kids are ok’

Eagles Jason Kelce apologies to wife Kylie after doing this without her approval 'we hope the kids are ok'


Philadelphia Eagles center Jason Kelce is taking the media world by storm. Kelce, the Eagles’ offensive line leader for a decade, has found success alongside his All-Pro TE Brother Travis Kelce on their podcast “New Heights.” But now, the elder brother is now focusing on a Netflix documentary based on his life called “Kelce.”


Kelce has become a fixture of Eagles football, epitomizing Philadelphia’s rough-and-tumble nature. He’s been at the center of retirement rumors the last few seasons but has returned to play the game he loves. The documentary focuses on Kelce’s life on and off the football field, including his wife, Kylie, who steals the show.

How Does Jason Kelce Describe His Wife Kylie?
Kelce complimented his wife throughout.

“You know this, but Kylie is such a powerful figure in general, but it sure comes through in the documentary. She definitely looks the best, there’s no question about it, both visually and has her crap together.”

Kelce recognizes that a documentary on a person’s life will delve into issues in their personal life. The documentary shows their child Bennett being born and how family life pulls at his heartstrings.

It was critical to the Kelce family that the documentary be as close to real life as possible. Kelce takes pride in being who he is and wanted a documentary that followed suit.

“It’s hard to comment on a film that’s about you and your family, like it’s hard to even know how it’s gonna be received because it’s so close to home for us, for Kylie and I. We’ll see how it does. I think, at the very least, we made something that’s real and authentic…”

Does Kylie Want Jason To Retire?
Kelce has had to answer questions from the Philadelphia media regarding his status for the upcoming season on multiple occasions. The Eagles’ center is a warrior on the football field, but it’s clear his career is coming to an end sooner rather than later.

The questions surrounding Kelce’s retirement don’t come from just the media room but also from his living room. Kylie puts his football career in perspective and mentions his retirement from the NFL.

“I would like him to retire when he will still be able to get down on the floor and play with our kids comfortably.”

Jason’s eventual retirement from the league is a theme throughout the documentary, and he takes advice from former NFL players while contemplating his decision. Kelce is returning to the Eagles for the 2023 season, but will it be his last?


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