Donna Kelce’s Custom Travel Bag Shows Love to Both Travis and Jason’s Teams

At this point in her life Donna Kelce has mastered the art of supporting both of her sons Travis and Jason Kelceβ€”and she’s got the perfect tote bag to show off her pride for each of their NFL teams.

Mama Kelce, 71, recently shared a look at her custom made travel bag from Dooney & Bourke, a zippered tote that is split right down the middle with both colors for the Kansas City Chiefs and the Philadelphia Eagles.

Featuring one red side with a Chiefs logo pattern for son Travis, 34, the bag also included a dark green side with Eagles logos stamped across the other half for son Jason, 36. The proud mom even appeared to have some sort of bag tags for each of her sons’ jersey numbers, a sparkly gold and red 87 for the Chiefs tight end and a silver and green 62 for the Eagles center.

Thanks @dooneyandbourke for the custom travel bag that fits all my essential items when I travel to watch the @chiefs & @philadelphiaeagles games!” Donna wrote in her Instagram Story on Thursday, Dec. 21, while showing her followers a glimpse of the perfectly designed bag.

We already know that Donna is the No. 1 fan for both of her sons, and has already sported quite a bit of merch for each of their respective teams.

When the two brothers went head-to-head at Super Bowl LVII back in February, their mom showed up perfectly dressed for the occasion, wearing a denim jacket split down the middle with both teams’ colors.