Diana’s death dubbed ‘powerful place’ for Prince Harry to start his memoir from


Prince Harry could start his memoir Spare from a the time his mother Princess Diana passed away.


Speaking on the latest episode of the Royally Obsessed podcast, Amanda Matta told Rachel Bowie and Roberta Fiorito: “For Harry, he probably looks back at his mother’s legacy and sees, ok the times in which Princess Diana was the most powerful was when she was telling her own story and writing her own narrative.


“So, I think for somebody whose life has been shaped by his relationship with his mother and to the trauma that came with losing her and everything that’s packaged up with that, the relationship with the press and the rest of his family.


“I think that’s really a powerful place for him to pick up the narrative,” she added.


The expert said that the bombshell memoir could “start with the moment that the world said goodbye to [Princess Diana] and looked at these two boys walking behind her coffin and, kind of, wondered ok, what’s next for them.”



She continued: “So much of what we hear about the Royal Family is said about them or said to them.


“People, like myself, providing commentary. maybe giving some unsolicited advice, but very rarely do we get to hear from the royals themselves,” she added.



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