Despite Patrick Mahomes and Randi Mahomes Updates, Brittany Mahomes Still Goes ‘Missing’ for Over 120 Hours

Despite Patrick Mahomes and Randi Mahomes Updates, Brittany Mahomes Still Goes ‘Missing’ for Over 120 Hours

The offseason is on for Super Bowl LVII winner Patrick Mahomes. The quarterback is already back at training for the new season of the NFL. After a glorious last season with the Kansas City Chiefs, Patrick Mahomes will be looking to keep the tempo going for another Super Bowl contention in the 2023 season. The QB has been pretty active on social media as well, along with his mother, Randi Mahomes. But the one person missing from the picture is his wife, Brittany Mahomes. While both the mother and son duo have been updating fans about their daily lives and events online, Brittany seems to have gone on a hiatus, leaving fans clueless about her whereabouts.

So where did Brittany disappear? After all the criticisms of her social media lifestyle, is she taking a detox?

Brittany Mahomes missing for the past 120 hours

For someone as social media savvy as Brittany, it is highly unusual behavior for her to not post any updates about her life for over 5 days. This has left fans wondering where she could be. Brittany Mahomes is known for sharing all aspects of her high-profile life online with her fans. But in the past few weeks, she has been in the midst of criticism for anything she does. She even slapped back angrily to Joe Rogan for the dig he took at her and Patrick’s marriage. For someone who is so vocal online, it is shocking for fans to see her remain inactive on Twitter for straight days.

The last tweet made by Brittany was 5 days ago. This was when she retweeted her husband’s involvement in the ‘Read for 15′ program, which encouraged almost 2300 students to be more active readers.

But on the other hand, Brittany has been posting homely stories on her Instagram. Her recent update was her doing laundry at home, while her kids gave her company. Maybe she is just slowing the pace down for herself and enjoying time at home with her kids. After all, family time is also necessary, no matter how famous you might be. Could she just be relaxing in her safe space at home?

Patrick and Randi remain active on Twitter

On the other hand, both Patrick and his mother, Randi Mahomes, have been actively updating about their lives on Twitter. The QB recently shared a clip on Twitter that showcased his ongoing training in the offseason.

He even retweeted Trea Turner’s home run slam to put the USA up 9-7 against Venezuela to advance to the semifinals of the 2023 World Baseball Classics.

Meanwhile, Randi Mahomes has been pretty active as well. She recently retweeted her collaboration with the Brett Adkins foundation in Plano to raise money for scholarships.

So maybe Brittany is just taking a break from all the trolls and haters online. Maybe she decided it was time to put more effort and time into her family at home. Whatever the reason, fans will be eagerly waiting for her next big update in life, while she enjoys quality family time.


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