Despite Embarrassment Against Patrick Mahomes and Travis Kelce, He Still Wants Another Shot: “I Don’t Think I’ll Be ..

Despite Embarrassment Against Patrick Mahomes and Travis Kelce, He Still Wants Another Shot: “I Don't Think I'll Be ..


The NBA offseason witnessed an interesting matchup between legends of two different sports. While most players whiled away their time relaxing during their off-court period, some have been up to exciting endeavors. The 2-time MVP, Stephen Curry took up golf throughout the offseason to keep himself engaged. However, it was a golf matchup between the Splash Brothers and the Kansas City Chiefs duo of Patrick Mahomes and Travis Kelce that excited fans this offseason.


Patrick Mahomes and Travis Kelce may be superstars in the NFL but their golf skills seem to be impressive too. The duo matched up with Golden State Warriors‘ backcourt duo in The Match earlier this year. Interestingly, they brought their winning ways to the golf field too. Mahomes and Kelce humiliated the Splash Brothers on their way to an incredible win. However, one of the Splash Brother showed his interest to take another shot in the competition.

Splash Brother wants another shot

Despite Stephen Curry’s impeccable reputation in golf, he could not lead his team past Mahomes and Kelce’s brilliance. However, his teammate Klay Thompson showed his interest to take another shot at the competition.

When Curry had an underwhelming game, the pressure to carry the team landed on the shoulders of Klay Thompson. However, the 33-year-old could not get going either. In a recent appearance in Paul George’s podcast, Thompson stated his love for golf but also talked about his disappointing performance.

“Yeah I was a liability off the T, still am obviously but I’m trying man,” said the 5-time All-Star, talking about his performance in The Match. He went on to state his love for golf, saying, “It’s a beautiful game, golf is. It humbles you. It’s not like you can just get back and play harder defense and get a rebound, no you gotta take a deep breath…”

He also talked about his hilarious interactions with his Warriors teammate, Draymond Green during the game, saying, “That’s why Draymond was pissing me off, I’m like ‘Draymond, this is not basketball, bro! Stop trolling me like this s**t is so hard…give me some encouragement, bro!’ ”

However, he then showed interest to return to The Match. “It was a fun experience though, I’d do it again. I don’t think I’ll be invited back but I’d do it again.”

Thompson claimed that he would participate in The Match again if the opportunity presented itself. However, after Thompson’s performance in the game, that is highly unlikely.

Thompson had a forgettable golf outing

The Match ended up with an unexpected result after the 12-hole game. While the Warriors duo were being considered the favorites in the matchup, Mahomes and Kelce surprised everyone with their golfing synergy. However, it did not help that Thompson could not get going throughout the game.

The 4-time NBA champion is hailed as one of the greatest shooters of all-time in basketball. However, he did not carry his precision and skill to the golf course, making some blatant errors. He also hit a spectator while trying to tee off a shot that sounded sweet from his club but kept right. Although he managed to sink a putt late in the game, his efforts went in vain as the Chiefs duo notched an incredible 3&2 victory.


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