Coco Gauff’s Mother’s Day Message Will Melt Your Heart!

Coco Gauff


Coco Gauff is currently holding the court in Rome after winning the round of 16 doubles matches alongside Erin Routliffe. However, besides her presence catching enough attention from the fans, the young champ’s sweet way of showing love for her mother came out as a surprise for her followers.


Coco Gauff

Recently, Gauff shared a classy clip of her mother Candi Gauff on her Instagram story. In the video, the proud mother was seen walking through a corridor in style as she flaunts her pretty looks and stunning outfit. Making it clear that the post was to thank her on an adorable occasion, Gauff also decorated the post with a caption that said, “period. Happy Mother’s Day to the baddest and the classiest @candigauff,” she wrote, hyping her mother up.

The US Open champion didn’t feel satisfied enough with just one post; the second one contained a picture of her mother posing in a beautiful black dress with a big smile on her face. “I love you! Beautiful inside and out! @candigauff,” Coco Gauff captioned it, expressing the million feelings that lie in her heart for her supportive mother.

This happened just minutes after Candi Gauff herself posted a picture of Coco’s grandmother to wish her a happy birthday. The young WTA pro’s mother updated her followers with a collage of pictures of her mother, letting her feelings out with an adorable way to wish her on a special occasion.

Coco Gauff

Yvonne Lee Odom, Coco’s grandmother, is a pioneer of equality and Coco has credited her activism to her grandmother. Odom was the first black person to attend an all-white high school and broke segregation barriers at public schools in Delray Beach, Florida. Gauff’s grandmother’s activism has fueled Coco’s own outspoken approach to various social issues.

But while the long line of Gauff/ Odom women is remarkable, Coco also shares a sweet relationship with her mom Candi.

When Coco Gauff relied on her mom Candi’s advice
It hasn’t been long since Coco Gauff finally decided to reveal that she is currently in a relationship. “This is my first real relationship. To just have someone to talk to who is not involved in tennis at all gives me a fresh perspective,” Gauff said, revealing that she now has someone to share moments of love.

Although she didn’t give out much details about the mystery boyfriend’s identity, Gauff’s mother came forward to share a small incident that she remembered about the guy. “My mom always said, if they’re bad in school, they’re probably bad as adults. He’s always been a smart, nice kid.”

As Gauff continues to move ahead on her journey to seek more victories, especially grand slams, her mother’s love follows like a shadow, supporting her in every aspect of life.