Coco Gauff Reveals When she will Retire from playing and Marriage Age

Coco Gauff Reveals When she will Retire from playing and Marriage Age


Coco Gauff is an American professional tennis player who shocked the world in 2019. She defeated Venus Williams in the opening round of Wimbledon and established herself as a rookie to look out for. Gauff is currently ranked 6 in singles and 3 in doubles. She is one of the top seeds in the ongoing Indian Wells Masters and is looking to advance into the latter stages of the tournament.


Gauff will turn 19 this year and will hopefully improve her game further. The American star was born in Florida but grew up in Georgia with her parents. After her parents realized Gauff’s potential, they moved back to Florida to help her achieve great heights in tennis.

Coco Gauff’s relationship status

Currently, Coco Gauff is not involved with anyone. The young player has dedicated her younger years to the sport and is carrying the same mindset into adulthood now. Gauff has solidified herself as a player to watch out for in the coming years and she will be looking forward to cementing her place among the best players in the world. She is single right now and is focused on improving her professional career.

Young Gauff is completely dedicated to tennis
Coco Gauff knows that there are a lot of distractions in life when one becomes a famous personality. But the young player is completely dedicated to tennis at the moment. Even though she has achieved a lot in tennis, she is looking forward to reaching the record of the legends like Serena Williams. With her parents and friends at her side, the young American player has certainly build a great foundation to achieve such lofty goals.

Who is Gauff’s celebrity crush and favorite sportsperson
Coco Gauff may be dedicated to tennis, but she is still very involved in other aspects of her life. The American sensation once talked about who she admires and crushes on in a podcast. As per Gauff, she admires the renowned Hollywood actor Michael B. Jordan. In an episode of the podcast, she said that Jordan is very good-looking. She said, “I think Michael B. Jordan. I think he is very good-looking. He is outta my age range. I would just meet him. I like Michael B Jordan a lot.”

Gauff also likes Jaden Smith, son of famed actor Will Smith. Jaden Smith was Coco Gauff’s childhood crush. In an interview with CBS Mornings, she said that she screamed after Jaden Smith praised her performance on Twitter. Additionally, her friends were excited for her since they knew how much she admired Jaden.

Coco Gauff marriage

Coco reveals she will be getting married on her 29 – 30yrs and will be Retiring at 45years


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