Coco Gauff beats Laura Siegemund-US Open – Day 1

Coco Gauff beats Laura Siegemund-US Open - Day 1


Gauff sends the crowd into yet another applause as she showcases her touch
After scoring on another close range shot she leads 30-0


Siegemund is rallying back here in the final set
Gauff’s ‘ead has shrunk to 5-4 as the German fights back

Gauff has several double faults before Siegemund takes a point and makes the score 5-3
Gauff quickly changed her racquet while new balls were prepared

Siegemund wins a point as the players get a quick break
Gauff still leads 5-2

Siegemund has received a point violation for another time violation
She is currently exploding on the official as the crowd goes crazy in applause. Fans have been getting on Siegemund for the entire match for running down the serve clock.

Gauff now leads 5-1.

Gauff wins another break point as she goes up 4-1 in the final set
Siegemund recorded a double fault to lose the latest game.

Siegemund has sent two straight rallys into the net as the game is knotted up at another deuce
Siegemund has won a point in the final set
Gauff is still leading 3-1

After another point Gauff is again berating the umpire over time issues
The players are tied at deuce.

Gauff has walked over to aggresivley complain to the chair umpire about Siegemund’s time wasting
The crowd is applauding Gauff’s argument. Siegemund was not ready during Gauff’s serve which led to Gauff finally losing her cool.

Heading into the break Gauff wins another point before playing up the applause from the crowd
The American is winning 3-0 in the final set.

Siegemund has been giving a warning for a time violation
Smiles could be seen across the faces of Gauff and her coach both seemed to have a facial expression of ‘it’s about time.’ The crowd also applauded the decision.

Gauff has the crowd fired up as she goes up 2-0
She followed up a well-placed shot down the line before following it up with a jumping shot from close range.

Gauff has taken the first point to win open the third set
Gauff 1-0 Siegemund

The players are locked at a deuce in the battle for the first point once again
Could this be a replay of the 20-plus minute opener from set two?

The match has now hit the two hour mark
Gauff is currently ahead 40-15 to start the third set.

Siegemund has taken the first point of the third set and gone up 15-0
Gauff is taking some practice serves as she awaits Siegemund between the second and third set
It has been nearly eight minutes between points as Siegemund went to change her clothes.

Gauffs wins the second set 6-2
She secured victory in the set with an impressive backhand.

Siegemund fights back and wins a point during her serve
Heading into another break Gauff is on the lead 5-2

Gauff takes another point during her redemption set
The American is leading 5-1 as Siegemund sets up to serve

We’re locked up at deuce while fighting for the next point
Gauff takes the advantage after Siegemund plays a wayward forehand

Gauff goes up 4-1 in the second set
Following the super long point to start the set Gauff has largely been in control of the match.

Siegemund has been displaying some top tier gamesmanship in working the serve clock
On the last rally she ran the clock down before quickly recording a fault and taking advantage of the lack of serve clock on the second attempt.

Throughout the match Gauff has been trying to play quickly and Siegemund has been deliberately slowing down the games pace while surving.

Gauff’s coach can be heard pointing out that Siegemund is getting tired while complaining about the serve clock
Gauff also pulled off a beautiful over the head backhand rally before Siegemund won the rally.

Siegemund gets on the board in the second set
Gauff leads 2-1 as they head into the break.

The crowd has begun to make noise over Siegemund running down the serve clock
The umpire issued extra time after telling the fans to quiet down.

Gauff records a massive point that brings the crowd to a standing applause
During the rally she lost her footing and slipped while keeping her focus and returning the ball.

Gauff has taken the second point of the set and gone up 2-0
This point came in a two-minute game following the 25-minute previous battle

Gauff finally wins the first point of the set
Siegemund sat down while taking a drink which was quickly pointed out by Gauff that the seat is not allowed. Play has paused while fans are allowed to go to their seats.

Siegemund has begun arguing with the chair umpire over the serve clock
After finally telling Siegemund to watch the time, the German complained that they have been playing in the humidity for 25 minutes and should be allowed some compassion in order to use her towel before the clock begins.

The umpire has seemed rather nice to this point with Siegemund running down the clock.

Gauff has quickly brought the crowd to their feet this time as we reach deuce number 11
Siegemund once again brings the crowd to their feet
The current set is at 23 minutes and counting as we still have not broken deuce to record the first point of the set

Despite neither player able to break deuce for the first point Siegemund is still impressing with her net game
She showed great reaction ability on another close range shot battling for the point.

With both players still interlocked at deuce the effects of the humidity can be seen taking an effect on both players
The crowd has erupted after a rally features several close net shots back and forth before the ball goes out of play
Siegemund has been using up the full time on the serve clock several times this point
The clock has ticked all the way down more than once as the two players have been locked at deuce


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