Chiefs’ Patrick Mahomes delivers groceries to mom Randi in new Hy-Vee commercial

Chiefs’ Patrick Mahomes delivers groceries to mom Randi in new Hy-Vee commercial


Chiefs fans only saw quarterback Patrick Mahomes for one series during Saturday’s preseason opener against the Cincinnati Bengals at Arrowhead Stadium.


But viewers got to see Mahomes multiple times thanks to his new commercial for the grocery-store chain Hy-Vee. In the ad, which you can see above, Mahomes accidentally throws footballs into the yards and homes of his neighbors who are all preparing meals.

To right the wrong, Mahomes shops on Hy-Vee’s website and gets them groceries, which he delivers to their homes.

Kind of sappy? Sure. But most Chiefs fans seemed to like the commercial. Here is a sample of what fans were saying:

Back in 2019, Kansas City Chiefs’ star quarterback Patrick Mahomes became the very first NFL athlete in history to sign a sponsorship deal with shades brand Oakley. Since then, the QB has earned millions of dollars every year promoting the brand and even linked his team with Oakley on a $50 million sponsorship deal. Mahomes has also starred in some of the most spectacular commercials you will find that promote this brand products. The latest from a long list of ads is a commercial in which Patrick Mahomes shares the spotlight with many college and highschool athletes. In the ad, the Chiefs’ QB gives a speech but the brand makes it look like a young highschool QB is actually speaking while Patrick appears in brief moments.

This ad fulfilled the objective with all Kansas City Chiefs fans, who are eager for the new season to start. They all know that after the incredible performance from last season, Patrick Mahomes is more than ready to continue writing his own story and trying to match Tom Brady by the time his career comes to an end. If he doesn’t have all his supporters behind him, getting to the promised land will be way more difficult for Mahomes. As he keeps going through practice during this pre-season, Mahomes seems ready to take on this new challenge and try to get to his fourth ever Super Bowl when the end of the season arrives. Can he make it happen again?


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