Chiefs: NFL Great listed Patrick Mahomes as one of the toughest to sack

Chiefs: NFL Great listed Patrick Mahomes as one of the toughest to sack


The Kansas City Chiefs have one of the greatest quarterbacks to ever do it, and now one of the NFL greats is saying he is also one of the hardest to sack.


Chiefs: NFL Great listed Patrick Mahomes as one of the toughest to sack

There aren’t many things Patrick Mahomes can’t do. In fact, he doesn’t really have a weakness. There used to be a narrative that if you keep him off of the field, you can win. But, that doesn’t really work either. Just ask Buffalo if giving him 13 seconds to work with working out in their favor. Mahomes will score when he wants as fast as he wants, the time doesn’t matter.

Then there was the narrative that if you blitz him and put pressure on him, he isn’t as good. That definitely isn’t true because that then leaves his receivers with winnable matchups, and he always makes defenses pay for blitzing.

There just isn’t anything that you can really do. He doesn’t have a weakness. He can make every throw and he can run too. Most can only do one or the other, but he can do both.

Even though he isn’t really looked at as one, he is still somewhat of a dual-threat quarterback, because he can run, as we saw in the Super Bowl, but he is also hard to sack in the pocket. In fact, one of the NF: greats listed him as the second-hardest quarterback to sack.

“Very elusive,” Ndamukong Suh said. “Obviously, you don’t want him to get out of the pocket as much as you can. But when he does, he’s, he’s making DBs, and let alone d-lineman have to get out for him and make big throws for plays. But as you saw in the Super Bowl back in the 2020-21 [season] we got him pretty good and unfortunately, couldn’t take care of business recently.”

Suh had Jalen Hurts at number one, which is fair. Not only was Hurts Suh’s teammate last year, but Hurts was a guy that was hard to sack because his lower body is just so strong. It also doesn’t help that he is much faster than Mahomes and they had one of the best offensive lines in football, if not the best.

Suh is one of the best to do it. He has 71 career sacks, which is pretty good for the position he has played the majority of his career, and it’s good enough for 97th all-time. So, he has sacked a lot of different quarterbacks. Unfortunately one of them was Mahomes in the Super Bowl a few years ago.


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