Chiefs Fans Already In Storm In Wisconsin Ahead of Chiefs vs. Packers Game

Chiefs Fans Already In Storm In Wisconsin Ahead of Chiefs vs. Packers Game


Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce are playing house. Earlier rumors speculated that the iconic pop singer would be seen at her boyfriend’s new $6 million mansion. And it turned out to be true! What is the couple planning? As per rumors, the couple is planning on spending their weekends together.


‘Obsessed’ Taylor Swift Contemplates Leaving Her $80 Million Refuge Behind for Travis Kelce and Love

And if things continue the way they are now, the two are likely to move in together. So, what will happen to Swift’s mansions worth $80 million?

The 12-time Grammy winner has a property portfolio, including million-dollar mansions in NYC, Los Angeles, Tennessee, and Rhode Island. Despite her apparent willingness to stay with her man, Taylor Swift isn’t planning to sell any of her luxurious houses or belongings anytime soon.

As per DailyMail’s exclusive interview, an insider stated, “These houses are not being sold and she is not getting rid of any of her stuff, nor is she putting it all into boxes and loading it into Travis’s attic.”

However, a recent noticeable activity was seen at Kelce’s newly purchased $6 million mansion, as a van full of furniture was spotted unloading stuff at his luxurious 17,000-square-foot property. But where are Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce now, if not in Kelce’s mansion?

As Travis Kelce’s mansion undergoes furniture unloading work, the couple was reportedly spotted arriving separately at Patrick Mahomes and his wife Brittany Mahomes’ newly built $8 million mansion.