“Can’t Have Two Kids And a Mohawk”: Patrick Mahomes is Getting Desperate to Change His Hairstyle

“Can’t Have Two Kids And a Mohawk”: Patrick Mahomes is Getting Desperate to Change His Hairstyle


NFL sensation Patrick Mahomes has undoubtedly become an icon on and off the football field. Given his persona, his signature mohawk hairstyle has become just as legendary as his remarkable plays. However, it seems the time has come for a change in terms of hairstyling. Apparently, Mahomes is getting a bit desperate to switch it up.


“Can’t Have Two Kids And a Mohawk”: Patrick Mahomes is Getting Desperate to Change His Hairstyle

In a moment captured in the third episode of Netflix’s ‘Quarterback’ series, Mahomes engaged in a conversation with his personal trainer, Bob Stroupe. During their discussion, Mahomes shared his main concern about his signature mohawk hairstyle, which is beloved by many. However, he revealed his intention to change his style by “next year.” The documentary was filmed in 2022, indicating that it’s about time for us to witness a new hairstyle for Mahomes.

Next Move for Patrick Mahomes: A Hair Makeover for Fatherhood
Patrick Mahomes, the quarterback known for his iconic mohawk, is ready for a major hair makeover, and fatherhood seems to be the driving force behind this decision. The Netflix series “Quarterback” caught a candid moment during a workout session with Mahomes and his personal trainer, Bobby Stroupe, where the Super Bowl champ expressed his plans for a new hairstyle as early as this fall.

Mahomes, who’s been a brand ambassador for Head & Shoulders, revealed that he almost made the change during the 2022 season, but he held off because he thought the shampoo brand he endorses “would’ve been mad”. When Stroupe probed about the reason for the switch, Mahomes responded, “I can’t have two kids and a mohawk”. “Why not?” asked a surprised Stroupe. Mahomes’ response was a simple one, “Cause I got to be a dad at some point”.

“Imagine me 40 years old with this haircut. I mean, come on,” Mahomes candidly says to Stroupe. Looks like Mahomes has some new ideas for his hairstyle. Mahomes on being asked about the possibilities of the new hairstyle said, “I don’t wanna dread it. I don’t mind twisting it”. Clearly, Mahomes’ journey into fatherhood is shaping his choices on and off the field, including his signature look.

Patrick Mahomes Shines in New Head & Shoulders ‘Tiny Troy’ Commercial

Kansas City Chiefs superstar quarterback, Patrick Mahomes, is not just known for his incredible skills on the football field, but also for his impressive endorsement deals. The latest addition to his endorsement portfolio is a Head & Shoulders commercial, where he teams up with former Pittsburgh Steelers safety Troy Polamalu. The TV commercial, titled ‘Tiny Troy,’ promotes the Head & Shoulders Classic Clean Daily Shampoo.

With this new endorsement, Forbes puts Mahomes’ total earnings from endorsements have reached a staggering $20 million. Gaining immense popularity owing to his recent Super Bowl victory and MVP awards, Mahomes is ruling the endorsement landscape in America at the moment.

Being the face of Adidas and representing the sports apparel giant with style, Mahomes has surely come a long way. Airshare, the private aviation company, has also hitched Mahomes to their endorsement bandwagon. Mahomes has also aligned himself with Procter & Gamble.

It’s evident that Patrick Mahomes is utilizing the full potential of his magnetic charisma that clearly transcends football. This makes him a sought-after figure by respected brands around the world. Coming back to his new hairstyle choice, fans are anticipating to see what hairstyle the NFL MVP will sport next.


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