“Bronze Is Looking a Lot Like Andy Reid”: Kansas City Chiefs Fans Left Hyped by Fashionista Patrick Mahomes’ Perfect Family Picture

“Bronze Is Looking a Lot Like Andy Reid”: Kansas City Chiefs Fans Left Hyped by Fashionista Patrick Mahomes’ Perfect Family Picture


The Mahomes family has won hearts all over again. They have been NFL darlings, ever since Patrick made his way into the Kansas City locker room. Patrick Mahomes and his wife Brittany have been on a celebratory tour of sorts, making noticeable appearances at star-studded events, and fans are simply loving it. Both Patrick and Brittany’s immaculate sense of fashion often leave fans gasping in awe and looks like the younger Mahomes have kept up with the trend.


While Patrick continues dazzling the world with his unfathomable arm strength, Brittany Mahomes has been the captain of the ship at home. Mrs. Mahomes often takes to social media to bless fans with the wholesome instances the family shares. However, both Patrick Mahomes and his wife ended up being overshadowed as fans couldn’t look past the youngest of the Mahomes clan.

A stark resemblance

Patrick Mahomes and his wife Brittany have been blessed with two beautiful children. The high school sweethearts decided to make their relationship engraved, tying the knot in March 2022. Soon after, the power couple welcomed their second child, Patrick “Bronze” Lavon Mahomes III into the world. Bronze brought along a bundle of joy along with him, as Patrick’s eldest, Sterling Skye Mahomes, also embraced her role as a big sister.



Recently, Brittany Mahomes took to Instagram to share some happy moments of the beautiful family, and once again Bronze was the center of attention. Fans could not look past the uncanny resemblance Bronze had to his grandmother, Randi Mahomes, and many had to respond.

One fan had to point out the adorable imprint of Randi Mahomes, “Bronze looks just like grandma Mahomes!! Adorable!!!”

As another fan echoed the sentiment, “Bronze looks a lot like his Grandma Randi!”

One particular fan however felt that Bronze reflected the Kansas City Chiefs head coach, “I don’t know how to break this to Patrick, but Bronze is looking a lot like Andy Reid”

Most fans however agreed that the youngest Mahomes had his grandmother’s features, “I think Bronze look so much like @randimahomes”

While another felt that Bronze was indeed living up to the Mahomes’ name, “now that I saw pics of Randi, yes! Bronze looks like his Dad’s side of the family!”

Fans continued gushing over the adorable couple and their beautiful kids. With Brittany Mahomes at the helm, Patrick Mahomes has had the leverage to go out and pursue his ambitions. But even someone as strong as Mrs. Mahomes has her own set of challenges.

One of the toughest jobs out there has to be that of being a mother. And Brittany Mahomes is all too familiar with that. The mother of two has continued building a name for herself in the fitness industry, but Brittany has her fair share of tough days.

During an Instagram Q&A session, Mrs. Mahomes described the toughest part of her life, “I think for me it was just still learning to make time for yourself and other stuff and not just solely your child! I often feel bad having help with them and not being able to just do it all on my own, Also leaving them, not good at that part.”

Despite these challenges, Brittany Mahomes has been successfully juggling multiple hats and continues to be the pillar of support for her Super Bowl MVP husband. In addition to Mahomes and his achievements, Brittany continues building her own identity and inspiring many others along the way.


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