Brittany Mahomes ‘not sure’ about having more kids with Patrick after having hands full with Sterling and Bronze

Brittany Mahomes 'not sure' about having more kids with Patrick after having hands full with Sterling and Bronze



Last year, Patrick and Brittany Mahomes welcomed their second baby into the world. With their oldest child, Sterling Skye, turning two this year, the popular NFL couple is already considering questions about bringing a third child into the equation.



Though Patrick and Brittany like maintaining a certain level of privacy, they have always remained candid with fans and followers. This includes Brittany’s Q&A sessions on Instagram, where the fitness trainer sometimes answers a few controversial questions.

This time, a follower ended up asking Brittany Mahomes about having a third child.

While answering the question, Brittany chose to remain honest about their indecision.

As per Brittany’s response, she or Patrick Mahomes haven’t made a decision just yet. However, another baby isn’t off the table.

“There are a lot of these…lol. We aren’t sure honestly! Part of me says yes part of me says ehhhh maybe not!”

After dating for a decade, the couple married in March 2022. Brittany and Patrick welcomed their daughter, Sterling Skye, on Feb. 21, 2021. Their son, Patrick ‘Bronze’ Lavon Mahomes III, was born on Nov. 28, 2022.

Keeping Bronze’s face hidden for some time, the first snap they shared was of the baby’s feet, with the caption:

“Patrick “Bronze” Lavon Mahomes III 🤴🏽11/28/22 7lbs 8oz 🤍”.Patrick and Brittany Mahomes are adjusting to being a family of four

Irrespective of the schedule, having another member added to the family is always a big deal for everyone. This includes Sterling, who is now a big sister, and Brittany and Patrick Mahomes as parents.

That said, Brittany admitted that her scheduling needed adjusting after the baby was born.

Speaking honestly, the fitness trainer discussed their bedtime routine struggles:

“The hardest part for me was bedtime routines! Trying to figure out how to keep the toddler busy and in sight while you put the new babe to sleep.”

Furthermore, Brittany Mahomes also talked about how she manages everything when she and Patrick are gone for work:

“I have a nanny and some friends that help and I am so very thankful for them!”

Considering the Super Bowl champion’s schedule, his wife and children cannot accompany him everywhere. Apart from games and activities related to the Kansas City Chiefs/NFL, Patrick Mahomes also has a few off-field commitments.

This could range anywhere from something like a premiere (Netflix’s “Quarterback”) or the Met Gala.


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