Brittany Mahomes haters nitpick Quarterback clip: “Most annoying human.”

Brittany Mahomes haters nitpick Quarterback clip:


Brittany Mahomes haters must be stopped. They’re now nitpicking a clip of the Netflix docuseries Quarterback in which she is loudly cheering for her husband Patrick Mahomes after he made a winning play to help the Kansas City Chiefs once again reach the Super Bowl.


Brittany Mahomes haters nitpick Quarterback clip: "Most annoying human."

Patrick Mahomes Sr. is also featured in the clip, sitting in the sky box with the rest of the family. He says “players make plays” after his son rushes for a first down late in the fourth quarter to essentially eliminate the Cincinnati Bengals.

Brittany, 27, then screams “let’s go” in her high-pitched voice, leading to several Twitter users calling her annoying, including @BackAftaThis.

“It’s hard to fathom that Patrick Mahomes not only found, but MARRIED the most annoying human on planet earth,” @BackAftaThis tweeted.

The “annoying Brittney” narrative started years ago when she celebrated a divisional round win over the Buffalo Bills by spraying champagne on fans. She has since toned down her antics, but people will always find something to hate.

Britanny Mahomes vs. Rest of the World
The other two wives on the show are Julie Hampton, wife of Minnesota Vikings quarterback Kirk Cousins, and Kiyomi Cook, wife of Marcus Mariota, backup QB of the Philadelphia Eagles.

While they have received their fair share of unwarranted backlash, it’s nothing compared to how personal the attacks get with Brittany.


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