Breaking News: Taylor Swift’s Efforts In Relationship With Travis Kelce Is Allegedly ‘Taking A Toll’

Breaking News: Taylor Swift's Efforts In Relationship With Travis Kelce Is Allegedly 'Taking A Toll'


Taylor Swift’s commitment to Travis Kelce is allegedly beginning to “take a toll on her” according to a new inside source who is spilling the tea.


Breaking News: Taylor Swift's Efforts In Relationship With Travis Kelce Is Allegedly 'Taking A Toll'

The pop icon has been traveling to various NFL stadiums to cheer on Travis and the Kansas City Chiefs ever since September. The team recently made the NFL playoffs, and just won the wild card round against the Miami Dolphins, advancing them to the next round.

Travis Kelce has returned the favor on one known occasion when he flew out of the country to watch Taylor perform on her International Eras Tour.

Although Taylor is not currently on tour (her international Eras Tour picks back up next month), a source says that the amount of traveling she is doing to support her boyfriend is starting to “take a toll”.

According to a new bombshell article, an inside source is claiming that Taylor Swift is “the one bending over backward” in her relationship with Travis Kelce, and “it’s starting to take a toll on her”.

Due to their busy schedules and their careers, the two are constantly traveling to see one another. Taylor is “flying to see him and flying him places to see” her, but the source, who spoke with Life & Style Magazine, is claiming Travis is not returning the favor and his only focus right now is on the NFL.

“Over the holiday, all Travis wanted to do was focus on football,” explains the source, which left Taylor pretty upset and needing “to take a backseat, which was really tough.”

“When it comes down to it, the game is still his No. 1 priority and that became crystal clear for Taylor,” the source claimed. It should be noted that the Chiefs are currently in the playoffs, which is, of course, a huge deal for NFL players.

“Things get heated between them at times over scheduling because they’re both so incredibly busy and they’re both so dedicated to their careers,” the source continued to tell the magazine before adding, “As much as Taylor can be a fool for love, she never lets her work suffer.”

Taylor Swift was seen at Saturday’s playoff game, a game which the Chiefs ended up winning 26-7 over the Miami Dolphins, meaning the Chefs have advanced to the next round. The pop icon was seen cheering on the team and Swag Surfin’ after the win.

She walked out hand-in-hand and googly-eyed with Travis Kelce after the game.