Bombshell : Abigail Spencer, Meghan Markle’s close friend claims Harry wants a date with her

Bombshell : Abigail Spencer, Meghan Markle's close friend claims Harry wants a date with her


Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s docuseries, Harry & Meghan recently released its first volume and it has the Duke and Duchess of Sussex revealing their detailed love story for the first time as well as discussing some of the most difficult times they have faced following their royal wedding. The docuseries also introduces us to some of their closest friends who discuss Harry and Meghan’s relationship.


One of Meghan Markle’s closest friends from the entertainment industry, who makes an appearance in the series is actress, Abigail Spencer. The actress holds a close place in Markle’s heart and also happened to be the first person who got to know about Harry and her relationship. Spencer and Markle worked together on the famed sitcom Suits. Here’s all you need to know about the Duchess of Sussex’s close friend.

Abigail Spencer’s reaction to Meghan-Harry romance
In the docuseries, Abigail makes an appearance and excitedly reveals the time she learned about Meghan and Harry’s relationship. She recalls, “She was like, ‘I think I met someone and I’m in love. ‘ I could feel everything vibrating. I was screaming because I could feel it was different.” Spencer further spoke about the couple’s early dating days and said, “It was very clear… that they were going to go to the ends of the earth to be.”

How did Meghan and Abigail meet?
While the duo were costars on Suits, Meghan and Abigail actually met a long before the show. Spencer spoke to ET and revealed that they first met at an audition, over a decade before Meghan’s royal wedding. She said, “I saw her and was like, ‘Who is this gorgeous girl?'” She was just so stunning and there was just something about her, and that’s how we met.” As for the show, Spencer played Dana “Scottie” Scott and Meghan played Rachel Zane.

Royal Wedding guest
Being one of Markle’s closest friends, Abigail was invited to the royal wedding in 2018. Spencer was spotted attending the ceremony, entering the church alongside Priyanka Chopra, another one of Meghan’s famous friends.

Holidaying with Sussexes
Abigail and Meghan’s friendship has remained strong over the years and the duo seem to catch up whenever they can. Previously, in 2019, Spencer was spotted hanging out with Meghan during the royal’s brief trip to NYC. Abigail had also joined Meghan and Prince Harry hiking on Canada’s idyllic Victoria Island in 2020 for a trip.

Meghan and Abigail share the same birthday
Among many other things that are common between the two, the duo also share the same birthday and hence their matching personalities have resulted in their bond being stronger. Abigail once described Meghan as a “glorious person” and said, “We were born on the same day, hours apart, in the same year. [Meghan is] a trusted friend and one of the most glorious people I have ever met”, via ET.

Abigail was once asked whether she has any other connection to the royal family, considering her family name is Spencer, she was asked if she is related to Princess Diana who shared the same surname with her. Speaking to Parade, she said, “That’s so funny. My grandmother swears [we are], but I’ve never done any digging. I did meet a lot of Spencers [in England] and I am a Spencer, so who knows?”


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