Awkward moments from Meghan Markle’s latest appearance – ‘prostitute’ joke to hug snub

Awkward moments from Meghan Markle's latest appearance – 'prostitute' joke to hug snub


People on social media spotted a couple of awkward moments from Meghan Markle’s recent appearance at the SXSW Festival in Texas, with the Duchess of Sussex seemingly snubbed for a hug.


Awkward moments from Meghan Markle's latest appearance – 'prostitute' joke to hug snub

Meghan Markle had a couple of awkward moments at the SXSW Festival in Texas. At the event, the Duchess of Sussex addressed important issues including the “toxic” trolling she received while she and Prince Harry were still senior royals. She was on stage with journalist Katie Couric, actress Brooke Shields and Nancy Wang Yuen, a diversity equity and inclusion consultant at Peoplism.

Errin Haines, who hosts The Amendment podcast, was in charge of the event’s opening keynote called ‘Breaking Barriers, Shaping Narratives: How Women Lead On and Off the Screen’. People on social media noticed two awkward moments during the event.

Meghan told a story about how she stood up against a TV advert she thought was sexist when she was just 11. She said: “I was about 11-years-old and I had seen a commercial on TV for a dishwashing liquid that said ‘women all over America are fighting greasy pots and pans.

“The boys in my class at the time said ‘yeah, that’s where women belong, in the kitchen’ and at 11 I just found that infuriating. I wrote lots of letters and put pen to paper and they ended up changing the commercial to ‘people all over America’.

“It’s funny to look back at it now because that was before social media where you had a reach that was so much greater. It was just an 11-year-old with pen and paper.” Shields jokingly said: “When I was 11, I was playing a prostitute.

I wish I had known you.” When Shields was a youngster she starred as the daughter of a prostitute in the 1978 film Pretty Baby, which was based on a true story. Meghan made an inaudible mumble in response before laughing. She said “a little different” with a grin on her face.