As the NFL season gets underway, Patrick Mahomes’ 8-month-old son steals the spotlight while enthusiastically cheering for his papa.

Ten-Month-Old Andy Reid Lookalike Steals Away $450M Patrick Mahomes Attention as NFL Pre-Season Kicks Off


Patrick Mahomes’ ten-month-old son shines bright in the limelight! It has only been a month since Bronze’s hilarious pose for the camera with Grandma, which took the Chiefs kingdom by storm, creating a joyful stir. As the snapshot was shared on Randi’s Instagram, it instantly led fans to flood the comments, noting the striking resemblance between baby Mahomes and Coach Andy Reid.


Ten-Month-Old Andy Reid Lookalike Steals Away $450M Patrick Mahomes Attention as NFL Pre-Season Kicks Off

Sporting an adorable bucket hat and a puzzled expression is what all fans needed to draw the comparison. Baby Bronze is back at again, taking the spotlight, only a few moments before his papa’s showdown against the Saints.

Patrick Mahomes’ return to the gridiron

The Chiefs met the Saints after almost 3 years, in a preseason battle, where no one expected Mahomes to appear on the field. However, he still did so, even jump-scaring the Chiefs kingdom with a reckless stunt. Before the showdown, Mahomes’ devoted supporters back home added to the excitement, sharing a heartwarming moment with the fans.

As Mahomes recently unveiled his new home in Belton, about 20 miles outside of Kansas City, his wife and two kids remain at home, while the star QB kicks off the preseason. However, this mere distance didn’t stop the Mahomes from cheering for their quarterback. Brittany took to her Instagram story to share a brief video of baby Bronze, chewing on a toy giraffe, and playfully locking eyes with the camera. The video featured a caption that read, “Somebody’s ready for game day!!” Mahomes shared this touching moment of his son on his insta story as well.

Although the Chiefs didn’t fare well in the preseason game, there were surely some moments that turned heads all around the community.

Mahomes’ reckless stunt!

The entire game kept fans on edge as both teams showcased peak performance on the field. The game’s most surprising moment for fans was when Mahomes not only stepped onto the gridiron to play but also ran with the ball instead of throwing it. Seeing the unprotected QB running with the ball in a preseason game caused a near-panic for the Chiefs kingdom, as it could have ended badly.

In another highlight, Mahomes celebrated a thrilling touchdown by his WR teammate, Justyn Rose, jumping and punching the air with pure joy. By the end of the third quarter, the Chiefs held a 4-point lead, but unfortunately, the opponent surpassed it with two field goals. Even though it’s just the preseason, Mahomes’ anticipation for his comeback warms hearts as football makes its return. He’s bound to dominate the upcoming season just like the last one, with his loving family cheering him on the courtside.


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