Alicia Keys pulled out all the stops for her performance at Queen Elizabeth’s Platinum Jubilee “Party at the Palace” on Saturday.


Alicia Keys pulled out all the stops for her performance at Queen Elizabeth’s Platinum Jubilee “Party at the Palace” on Saturday.



On Monday, the Grammy winner shared a behind-the-scenes video on Instagram chronicling her preparations for the big show, which celebrated the 70-year reign of the Queen, who “personally” requested the setlist.


“Telling the boys that the Queen requested the songs that I’m singing,” Keys shared in the clip as she sits with her sons in the back of a golf cart. “And they were like, ‘You can’t refuse the Queen.'””You can’t refuse the Queen. It’s against the law here,” her 11-year-old son Egypt responded.



The Queen did not attend the concert due to her ongoing “mobility issues.” PEOPLE has confirmed that she watched the show on TV at home in Windsor Castle; however, Prince George and Princess Charlotte joined their parents Kate Middleton and Prince William in the royal box for the star-studded show.Keys opened up about how she planned to celebrate powerful women with her performance.

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“We here at Buckingham Palace. We are about to celebrate the Queen’s Jubilee, which to me is for all the queens,” she said with a wink.The “Fallin'” performer also shared her own excitement about performing in front of Buckingham Palace ahead of her performance.



“Today was amazing, just to see where we’re performing. The content that would usually be placed on a screen is all going to be projected onto the palace,” she revealed. “I can’t wait to see how it looks, just sprawled with those beautiful songs, that 80-piece orchestra, the music, now with this look together with Moschino. It’s about to be crazy.”Keys also took viewers inside her wardrobe fittings for the show.

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“Still trying to decide if we go with the frame amazing arms and shoulders or do we go for the cape,” she shared. “They are both so beautiful. I think the cape is really the one that feels the most royal, powerful, the whole vibe.”



Indeed, for the performance, Keys wore a black gown with a cap embellished with gold detailing on both shoulders. She completed the look with gold hoops and speckles of gold in her updo.The clip concludes by showing Keys’ pre-show rituals and a snippet of her “Girl on Fire” performance.

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Keys captioned the clip, “Epic night at the jubilee!! Celebrating the Queen and all the Queens!!!!!đź‘‘đź‘‘đź‘‘đź‘‘đź‘‘đź‘‘đź‘‘”In addition to Keys, the Jubilee featured performances by Queen + Adam Lambert, Elton John, Hans Zimmer, Duran Duran, Andrea Bocelli and Diana Ross.


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