After fresh information revealed Super Bowl Streaker’s incredibly clever maneuver before diving onto the field at Allegiant Stadium, fans are going crazy

Before Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs could celebrate another championship win, Super Bowl LVIII had to come to a sudden stop as streakers burst onto the Allegiant Stadium field.

Super Bowl LVIII was affected by streakers running onto the field as no one was shocked that it would happen in a town like Las Vegas.

While that is a cool story, it is not a factual one.

One man has since spoken out and claimed it was worth the $42,000 spent on the ticket. Alex Gonzalez was one of the two streakers, and he insisted the experience was totally worth it even after being released from county jail.

Gonzalez discussed his plan to place a prop bet for a fan to run onto the field during the Super Bowl with many, including Dr. Phil and the Nelk Boys. However, his plan was gone after he put down the money for his Super Bowl ticket.

There was no prop bet for a fan to run on the field, so it appeared he had spent the money for nothing.

Regardless, he committed to streaking. Speaking to TMZ, Gonzalez said: “I’m like, ‘Damn. I am in too deep at this point where I can’t back out anymore.”

When the third quarter came, Gonzalez jumped onto the field shirtless with his social handle and the hashtag ‘Set and Forget’ written on his chest.

He spent the night held by authorities but was released the next morning and is now facing trespassing changes at a minimum.