Amidst break-up rumors: After Tom Brady Told the honest Truth, His Girlfriend Irina Shayk Wants Ex Bradley Cooper Back

Amidst break-up rumors: After Tom Brady Told the honest Truth, His Girlfriend Irina Shayk Wants Ex Bradley Cooper Back


Tom Brady and Irina Shayk have been the center of attraction ever since the media spotted them together in July. It’s hardly been 2 months since the two got together and reports of their split are already here. Moreover, the Russian model recently posted pictures with her ex-boyfriend Bradley Cooper.


According to recent reports, Shayk has broken up with Tom Brady because she found out that he was “using her”. Reportedly, the NFL superstar was just trying to make his ex-wife, Gisele Bundchen jealous. After knowing the truth, Irina Shayk decided to end things with Brady.

A few days ago, a source close to the rumored couple revealed that they were not “super serious” about the relationship. The New England Patriots star was reportedly “attracted” to Shayk and she was also interested in him. However, the two are not together anymore as Irina Shayk “dumped him”.

She dumped him last week… She told him she refused to be part of his petty revenge plot against Gisele,” a source stated.

Reports suggest that Tom Brady “lashed out” at the Russian beauty. He reportedly said a few things that really hurt the model and made her upset. However, it seems like she has already moved on as she went on a vacation with Bradley Cooper. The model set the internet on fire with her sizzling topless pictures on Instagram.

Amidst break-up rumors, Shayk even posted a picture of a shirtless Cooper on her Instagram story. Her photos show that the two are enjoying each other’s company quite well. Now, only time will tell whether Shayk will go back to Cooper after Tom Brady or not.

Tom Brady reportedly does not want to marry Irina Shayk
Fans felt that Tom Brady and Irina Shayk were so much in love, but it all reportedly turned out to be a plan. Now, as per reports, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers star got close to Shayk just to “get under Gisele’s skin”. Brady reportedly wants to show supermodel Gisele Bundchen that he was fine without her.

“It was 100 percent Brady’s idea to date Irina and use her to get under Gisele’s skin… He wanted to show Gisele that he was fine without her,” a source stated.

According to reports, Shayk first thought that Tom Brady was actually in love with her. But, she came across the truth and refused to let the quarterback use her. Irina reportedly understood that Brady was not going to marry her, and was using her.

“At first, Irina was really into Tom and thought he wanted to be with her for real… But it quickly became clear that he was just using her,” the source further added.

After coming across the truth, Irina Shayk got really angry and decided to dump the 7-time Super Bowl winner. Her vacation pictures with Bradley Cooper fuel the rumors of her split with Tom Brady even further.


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