Adorable note signed ‘Lilibet by herself’ by Queen aged 11 made public for first time-check


The detailed heartwarming message from the then Princess Elizabeth when she was just 11 years old was written by hand to celebrate the Coronation of King George VI back in 1937. A sweet handwritten note from the Queen to her parents when she was 11 has been made public for the first time by the The Royal Collection Trust.



They have given a glimpse into the monarch’s childhood in the letter from 1937 .The then-Princess Elizabeth put pen to paper to mark the Coronation of King George VI. It was addressed to ‘mamma and papa’ and adorably signed from ‘Lilibet by herself’, the nickname she was given by her family when she was a toddler.



The note sees the future Queen provide a detailed account of the goings on during the Coronation. It came following the abdication of George’s brother, Edward VIII.She begins with an early start, being woken by the sound of Royal Marines outside her window at 5am.



Young Elizabeth recalls being wrapped up in a dressing gown to watch from her bedroom.She then tells how, at half past seven, the family go to the nursery to collect her sister, Princess Margaret.



Going on, she informs her parents how the sisters couldn’t finish their breakfasts. It was down to being too excited about the day ahead with her family, one of the first major events she attended.



Then, the impressionable Princess details the dresses the girls wear. Made of white silk and with puffed sleeves, she loved the ‘little gold bows all the way down the middle’. She added how they both ‘kissed mummy, and wished her good luck’ before the family headed to Westminster Abbey.



The letter is then signed off ‘Lilibet’, the sweet moniker used for nearly all of her life.Her Highness is known by that to her family members, after she was given the nickname as a toddler by her grandfather, King George V, because of the way she pronounced her own name.



It continued to be used as she grew up, and the Duke of Edinburgh, who died in April last year, affectionately referred to his wife as Lilibet throughout their 73-year marriage.



In a letter to the Queen Mother following their wedding, Prince Philip wrote: “Lilibet is the only ‘thing’ in the world which is absolutely real to me.” Last year, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry honoured the Queen as they named their baby daughter Lilibet Diana Mountbatten-Windsor.



The infant, also known as Lili, was named after the Queen and Harry’s late mother, Princess Diana. The family have been living in the US since they quit the royal family in 2020. But Harry retained his place in the line of succession so Lilibet will be eighth in line to the throne.


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