According to reports, Jason Kelce’s wife is “deeply” offended by his controversial nickname

Jason and Kylie Kelce have been tied to each other for some time. Kylie’s connection to the NFL began in 2015 when she started dating Jason, who has only played for the Philadelphia Eagles in his career.

The couple tied the knot in 2018 and have since welcomed three daughters: Wyatt, Elliotte, and Bennett.

However, when she is spoken about, fans and even articles about her tend to use a common nickname when referring to her and other women and she does not like it.

Kelce would prefer not to be called a WAG which is short for wives and girlfriends.

She said that she feels that the term invokes too many bad stereotypes that she doesn’t want to be a part of and that it “deeply” bothers her.

“…I think, for the most part, there’s a stereotype of WAGs… That everything is designer,” she said. “That they are with their significant others for reasons other than that they truly love them—honestly, that’s the part that deeply bothers me.”

This came up during a resurfaced New Heights podcast episode re-shared via Reddit.

The mom-of-three was asked a simple question by her brother-in-law, Travis Kelce: “How does it feel to be referred to as a WAG?”

Kylie didn’t waste any time with her answer, cutting straight to the chase by responding, “I don’t like it.”

In response, Travis said, “We’re not calling you that,” while Jason playfully quipped, “I am,” as they both burst into laughter.

Kylie Kelce is not like the other wives and girlfriends in the league as you will rarely to never see her in designer. The only time she has been spotted in suites is when they were meeting Taylor Swift. She likes to be in the stands with the fans dressed in Eagles gear.