$740M Taylor Swift’s Talks Peace making a romance move with Travis Kelce

$740M Taylor Swift’s Talks Peace making a romance move with Travis Kelce


It’s disappointing news for the swifties across the league. The $740 Million worth pop sensation is not going to grace the Super Bowl halftime show this year. Reports divulged that Swift has regrettably declined the opportunity to play the halftime show citing other commitments and her already packed schedule with the ongoing Eras tour.


$740M Taylor Swift’s Talks Peace making a romance move with Travis Kelce

However certain sources can’t help but notice a curious factor that might have had a say in the pop singer’s decision to turn down the invitation. The spotlight hogs on Travis Kelce, the Chiefs’ TE, who poured his heart out to the Grammy Award winner recently. Interestingly, the pop singer turned down the offer mere weeks after his ‘confession’.

Swift swayed by Kelce’s confession?

Travis Kelce recently has his heart broken by the Pop singer. The TE recounted during a recent episode of the podcast ‘New Heights’, co-hosted alongside his brother Jason Kelce how he made a move that fell flat.

During one of her concerts at the touted Eras tour, the Chiefs’ TE attempted to meet his admired artist. However, Swift‘s strictly maintained backstage area hindered him from meeting and gifting her a personalized bracelet.

“I was disappointed that she doesn’t talk before or after her shows because she has to save her voice for the 44 songs that she sings,”, he lamented.

Apparently, the plan was to gift her the bracelet with his digits on it and Kelce was hurt as he failed to do it. As Swift recently turned down the offer, the interesting timing led many to connect the dots.

“dang she really is ghosting @tkelce”, a Twitter source poked fun at the TE.

Seems like the TE has to come up with some plan to make his way to Swift with his personalized bracelet and crack his solo stint over 17 months.

Kelce remains single after his last romantic connection

Kelce’s last relationship lasted for five years with Kayla Nicole, an on-air host, and Instagram model. The duo started courting in 2017 before calling it quits back in May 2022.

The end of the relationship was rather messy with rumors that dotted throughout their on-and-off journey. There were conjectures that Kelce made Nicole pay half of everything to prove she wasn’t with him for his wealth. The rumors, however, were waived off by both Kelce and Nicole.

With Kelce eventually confirming the split earlier this year on a podcast, the couple has embraced singlehood ever since, focusing on their respective lanes.


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