Coco Gauff Aim to bring the 351st Grand Slam to America’,Gauff’s athleticism is similar to Serena Williams, and her forehand has also improved

Coco Gauff Aim to bring the 351st Grand Slam to America',Gauff’s athleticism is similar to Serena Williams, and her forehand has also improved


The United States holds the record for producing the most Grand Slam winners. The American players, WTA and ATP, put together a whopping 350 majors. They have set the bar so high that even if a player wins consecutive majors for a decade, the U.S. will still have the upper hand. The 2nd place was occupied by Australia, with 167 majors. The number is not even half of what the players in the U.S.A. have achieved.


Serena Williams‘ legacy stands unparalleled in her country, with 23 majors. When Momma Smash hung her racket, a ‘major’ feat, too, suspended in the air for another compatriot to clinch. After her 6th U.S. Open title, Serena reached the finals of her home Slam in 2018 and 2019, but the Slam did not come home.

America’s search for another Serena Williams begins, and who could it be?

The G.O.A.T. of American tennis’ records are irreplaceable. Sloane Stephens won her home Slam in 2017, and no other American has brought home the last Slam of the year to date. It has been 6 years since an American won the U.S. Open title. The country needs another champion, an heir to Serena’s infallible on-court run.

All eyes are now on a teenager who is poised to sweep as many titles as possible. Recently, Coco Gauff took a career-altering decision that changed the course of American tennis, too. The 19-year-old’s decision to hire Andre Agassi’s ex-coach, Brad Gilbert, has been an ingenious one.

Gauff won the Citi Open and the Cincinnati Masters in less than a month’s gap. These two titles are her career’s biggest titles, and she claimed them back-to-back. The teen defeated the unbeatable Iga Swiatek, who took her down 7 times in a row before their semifinal clash in Cincinnati. The former doubles 1st seed is undoubtedly a strong contender for the upcoming U.S. Open title.

Can Coco Gauff bring the 351st Grand Slam to America?

Despite being just 19, Gauff has gone past the third round of all majors since 2019. In 2022, Gauff reached the finals of the French Open and the quarter-final of the U.S. Open. In the last 12 matches played, Gauff only lost one of them, and in 2023, the 6th seed secured an overall 76-win percentage.

Gauff’s athleticism is similar to Serena’s, and her forehand is also improving. In her match against Swiatek, Gauff utilized a serve so powerful that it broke the World No.1’s otherwise solid gameplan. For such a young age, Gauff displays immense maturity on the court, and her mental toughness is immune to any mind games.

If there is anyone that could win back-to-back Slams like ReRe, Gauff, in her current form, spearheads a generation that is eager to break the records of the greats. Legends have achieved all they could, and the top spots of WTA are filled with young players aiming to imprint their legacy. The U.S. and the world need a champion who can bag Slams like Serena. Will Gauff be that one? Only time will tell.


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