3 Years After $450,000,000 Contract, Patrick Mahomes Kick-Starts Five-Day’ Kansas City Chiefs Countdown

3 Years After $450,000,000 Contract, Patrick Mahomes Kick-Starts Five-Day’ Kansas City Chiefs Countdown


Patrick Mahomes forged his path in the NFL. Since entering the league, his journey to success hasn’t always been smooth. However, with two MVP awards and two Super Bowl victories under his belt, he has undoubtedly become a household name. As the next NFL season rapidly approaches, Mahomes and his Kansas City Chiefs are determined to defend their championship.


3 Years After  $450,000,000 Contract,  Patrick Mahomes Kick-Starts Five-Day’ Kansas City Chiefs Countdown

The initial steps have likely already been taken, with Mahomes ranking as the NFL’s top player and the Chiefs winning two of three preseason games. They now eagerly await the real showdowns starting on September 7. But before the season kicks off, a comparative photo has surfaced online, illustrating the transformation Mahomes has undergone during his evolution.

Will Mahomes become the next GOAT?

Two pictures of Patrick Mahomes have been circulating on Twitter, placed side by side. In the first picture labeled “Year 1,” the Grim Reaper is depicted with a smile. On the other side, representing “Year 7” in the NFL, the gunslinger not only smiles but radiates a sense of joy and pride. And why wouldn’t he? The 27-year-old quarterback secured a $450 million extension three years ago and has established himself as a strong contender for the title of the GOAT.

Furthermore, there are chances that Mahomes’ QB quality including his quick decision making, precise throws, offensive strategies, will probably get him the NFL’s Most Valuable Player award in 2023. In the previous season, he amassed 5,250 passing yards with a completion rate of 67.1%, throwing for 41 touchdowns with 12 interceptions. He also contributed on the ground, scoring four touchdowns and averaging 21.1 yards, and hence, became favorite player of many. Therefore, Mahomes stands as the frontrunner for the MVP award this season.

However, his path to greatness was never without its challenges, and he had to prove his worth to his critics.

Patrick Mahomes continues to prove his worth!

In 2016, Kansas City secured its first AFC West title since 2010 with a 12-4 record. Alex Smith had led the team to three playoff appearances, making the quarterback position seem stable. However, the Chiefs recognized the opportunity for the future and made a significant move by trading up to select Patrick Mahomes at No. 10 in the draft. This audacious move raised eyebrows and divided opinions among football enthusiasts and critics alike. Some believed the Chiefs had given up too much or should have selected another promising quarterback prospect, such as Deshaun Watson.

Despite these doubts, Mahomes wasted no time in proving his worth. In his first full season as a starter, Mahomes achieved an impressive 50 passing touchdowns. He joined the elite ranks of legendary quarterbacks like Peyton Manning and Tom Brady. At just 23 years of age, he matched the legendary Dan Marino as the youngest player to surpass the 5,000-passing-yard milestone in a single season. In 2019, he made history by signing an endorsement deal with Oakley, becoming the first football player to do so.

Since then, Patrick Mahomes has continued to excel with two Super Bowl victories and two MVP awards, solidifying his status as an NFL superstar.


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