$10M Rich Brittany Gets Embarrassed by Husband Patrick Mahomes’ After Major Goof-Up

$10M Rich Brittany Gets Embarrassed by Husband Patrick Mahomes’ After Major Goof-Up


Brittany Mahomes possesses an inside-out understanding of Patrick Mahomes’, but can anyone truly know another entirely? Undoubtedly, she stands as her husband’s most ardent career supporter. Their friendship since 2012 holds significant weight in terms of understanding each other deeply. However, even with this familiarity, Brittany Mahomes recently committed an embarrassing blunder, puzzling fans and leaving Patrick Mahomes unimpressed.


$10M Rich Brittany Gets Embarrassed by Husband Patrick Mahomes’ After Major Goof-Up

The dreamy love story of the Kansas City Chiefs quarterback and Brittany Mahomes began during their Texas high school years. From friend zone to the end zone, their endearing connection is also evident in moments captured in the Netflix series ‘Quarterback,’ which showcase them as ‘couple goals.’ Nevertheless, Brittany made a major mistake that was unexpected from her side.

Brittany, that’s what a trivia mishap looks like!

During this year’s offseason, Patrick Mahomes and his wife Brittany appeared on “The Couples Quiz!” hosted by GQ Sports last month. Throughout the episode, the college sweethearts faced an array of questions. Surprisingly, they successfully answered most of them, reaffirming their image as a perfect couple. However, $10 million Brittany stumbled not just once, but thrice.

At a particular moment, Patrick, the 27-year-old quarterback for the Chiefs, inquired about his favorite cheat day food. With confidence, Brittany responded with “fried chicken,” only to be met with Patrick’s disappointing “no.” Undeterred, she attempted “the chicken fried steak,” then finally “mashed potatoes.” Embarrassingly, all guesses were incorrect. The video showed Mahomes unimpressed as he revealed the correct answer, “Mexican food.”

Contrary to Brittany’s guesses, Patrick adheres to a strict diet plan, avoiding sugar, fast food, and unhealthy choices. However, let’s give a bit to her because, during his cheat days, Patrick Mahomes’ go-to indulgence is Mexican cuisine. Interestingly, Mahomes also has a special place for burgers!

Patrick Mahomes is totally into the burger game!

Patrick Mahomes’ adoration for burgers is undeniable, as he pleasantly surprised his fans by offering cheat-day indulgence in Kansas City last year. Taking a significant step, the 27-year-old QB, introduced the renowned Texas fast-food chain ‘Whataburger’ to Kansas. Mahomes, being part of a lucrative franchise group, opened Kansas City’s first-ever Whataburger, infusing a hint of the Lone Star State’s flavor into the state.

In 2021, the former Texas Tech star, in partnership with an investor group named KMO Burger, unveiled an ambitious strategy to expand the Whataburger brand. Their plan involves establishing thirty new locations in Missouri and Kansas within the upcoming seven years.

With a staggering $503 million contract, Patrick Mahomes could feasibly treat himself to favorite 71,857,142 Mexican hamburgers in a mere week. And let’s not forget, Mahomes’ sharp business acumen just keeps adding to his existing $40 million net worth!


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